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★ 5/31 The Death March Live 裏? Report

  5.06.2015   Sawa   The Death March   1 Comment

Time flies! The very last week of May was indeed concentrated days… and we performed on the stage of The

★ The Death March 5・31 LIVE! @渋谷

  19.03.2015   Sawa   The Death March   No comments

Hello TWEWY lovers and the Death March lovers and… RG people! Today, I’m thrilled to announce the

★The Death March links

  23.09.2014   Sawa   The Death March   2 Comments

Thanks for all the comments, questions and kudos on the Death March album release on Sep 17th! Since I’v


  21.09.2014   Sawa   The Death March   5 Comments

I went to Tokyo Game Show for the second time in my life! Last time was the year when The World Ends with You

★The Death March Recording

  10.05.2014   Sawa   The Death March   2 Comments

こないだの土曜日は「すばらしきこのせかい (SQEX)」からスピンアウトしたバンド、The Death Marchのレコーディング最終日でした。そして、まさかの釜飯が続く⁈ こんなレコーディング初めて!(笑) 美味しかっ

★The Death March in the studio

  24.04.2014   Sawa   The Death March   7 Comments

Today was the last day of the studio rec of the coming up The Death March project. Lots of cool musicians got

★わるふざけ :P Happy Hoiday2

  24.12.2013   Sawa   Live   1 Comment

So this is Christmas 〜Eve! and what have you done~~♪ ?? I’ve got 2 things to share today. One is the pic

Thank you JGMF! Zepp Tokyo!!

  1.07.2013   Sawa   Live, The Death March   6 Comments

今夜はZepp Tokyoで行われたJapan Game Music Festival の Day 2nd. 我らが The Death March のボーカルの1人として私も歌わせてもらいました! Today was

●TWEWY crossover ~ 2nd : リンクまとめ

  14.05.2013   Sawa   The Death March   2 Comments

Thank you very much to everyone who lead this event to a great success!! It was a great pleasure to be the par

明日の夜です☆Live on-air on NicoNico Douga!!

  9.04.2013   Sawa   The Death March   2 Comments

Tomorrow night (Apr 10th), from 19:00 (Japan Time) Mr. Ishimoto (the composer of SQEX) and I will be appearing