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☆ お久しぶりのblog postです
Sawa | 25, 1月

久しぶりのブログです。もう、何から書いたらいいのかわからない…(笑) It’s been a while to post a blog and I don’t know where t

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☆ Thanks for coming to the show! May 22nd
Sawa | 25, 5月

Hi there! I’ve been off line quite often these days, thinking about this and that. Although, as some of

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☆About the earthquake
Sawa | 16, 4月

Dear all, As we know, there was huge earthquake start shaking southwestern Japan’s Kyushu island late Th

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☆ YouTubeを聞きながら作業をしていたら…
Sawa | 06, 4月

由無し事です。。。 This is just a nonsense talk…. trivial note. 王菲の[夢中人]*が聴きたくなって、その後元ver.のThe CranberriesのDreams

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★ Solo Acoustic Liveのお知らせ
Sawa | 22, 3月

お久しぶりのブログ更新になってしまいました。 しばらく静かに冬眠しながら過ごしていましたが(笑)、 春めいてきた昨今みなさんどんな毎日をお過ごしでしょうか? 暖かくなって、花粉の飛散量が増えて、日々戦っている方にエールを

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★Rise again
Sawa | 10, 11月

To be honest, I was too depressed to do something… but I guess I hit the bottom few days ago. Hear one o

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★ Sad News
Sawa | 02, 11月

It’s with heavy heart that we must inform everyone that SAWAS PHOOL had to cancel their appearance at the Youm

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★SAWAS PHOOL will be performing at Youmacon 2015
Sawa | 06, 9月

I’m thrilled to announce that my band SAWAS PHOOL will be performing on the stage of Youmacon 2015! It&#

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