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☆ お久しぶりのblog postです

  25.01.2018   Sawa   Diary   No comments

久しぶりのブログです。もう、何から書いたらいいのかわからない…(笑) It’s been a while to post a blog and I don’t know where t

☆ Thanks for coming to the show! May 22nd

  25.05.2016   Sawa   Diary, Live   No comments

Hi there! I’ve been off line quite often these days, thinking about this and that. Although, as some of

☆About the earthquake

  16.04.2016   Sawa   Diary   No comments

Dear all, As we know, there was huge earthquake start shaking southwestern Japan’s Kyushu island late Th

★Summer! Tomato! (。>∀<。)

  21.08.2015   Sawa   Diary   No comments

Few years ago, one of my friend game me a tomato seeds – a heart shaped tomato.  

★ Flower park day with Mom ❤︎

  6.06.2015   Sawa   Diary   2 Comments

実は5/31のライブに初めてお母さんが私の歌っている姿を観に来てくれました。内心学芸会のようなドキドキ。(笑) 音楽やるって事に反対し続け、発売されたアルバムを何度渡しても「ゲームとかお母さんよくわからんもん」と、言って

★ My tinted figures are… 染料グラデーションな指

  7.05.2015   Sawa   Diary   2 Comments

Accidentally, I forgot to put gloves when my Mom asked to dye her hair while I was back in Nagoya. It was few

★ Interview at Shibuya

  20.04.2015   Sawa   Diary   No comments

Hey guys, did you  know there were 2 Hachikos in Shibuya? Today I had photo shoot for an interview (by Andrew)

★ Flowers in bloom

  26.03.2015   Sawa   Diary   2 Comments

ついに我が家でも満開の季節がやってきました!花粉が辛いこの時期だけど、やっぱり花咲く季節は好き❤︎ まずは、毎年可憐に咲いてくれるホワイトローズ(親戚のおばちゃんから、母に渡って、その子供株)。バラは最初失敗してたけど、

★ Changing Shibuya – West Exit

  24.03.2015   Sawa   Diary   1 Comment

Last Sunday, I went to Shibuya for rehearsal and found crowd of people right after I walked out the west exit.

★ Snow White

  18.03.2015   Sawa   Diary   2 Comments

My Snow White finale arribes On Feb 28th. It was a belated Christmas present from my Dad to all his daughters