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It’s been a while to post a blog and I don’t know where to start…:P


Last year, I traveled abroad after over 10 years (100% just for fun!!), met my fans and friends in America for the first time in Detroit – Youmacon 2017, there were three new songs I sang and wrote lyrics which was released in April and October… and so on but would like to write about them together with pictures maybe starting tomorrow.

最近ギターを買いまして、調整をお願いいたしまして、最高の状態で今私の膝の上に御坐す Baby ちゃん、こと Baby Taylor BT3!

For today, I’d like to introduce my new cute buddy. This new Baby-chan (Baby Taylor BT3) is sitting on my lap now, which I just got two weeks ago and came back from the maintenance.
*Thanks to Izui Craft, as always, she is in a perfect shape now 🙂

小ぶりな Baby は根性なしの私でも連れて歩けるサイズです。
と、いうことで突然ですが 3月に Baby-T を連れて、フロリダに参上いたします! OMNI FANDOM EXPO ありがとう!!! 😆

Baby-T is small enough even I can carry it around anywhere. I meant anywhere, anywhere around the world!! So, I’ll be bringing her for my very first live performance in America during March! Thank you OMNI FANDOM EXPO for this wonderful dreamlike opportunity.

***Last but not for least, thanks to those who kept sending me messages if I’m doing okay during my quiet months.
Yes I’m still alive~~~!!!ヽ(・∀・)ノ


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