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Hi there! I’ve been off line quite often these days, thinking about this and that.
Although, as some of you may already know from my band’s website [https://sawasphool.wordpress.com/], I … I mean ‘we’ start rocking on the stage again as SAWAS PHOOL!!

Last Sunday we had a semifinal stage performance of the band battle contest ‘Emergenza Japan 2016’ at Shibuya Eggman. This place is one of the legendary live house with lots of great history of famous band’s performances. From here, many history started. Personally, SAWAS PHOOL played there multiple times before, and the last time we were there was for the breakup & 1st mini album release party, back in 2015 January. After about an year rest, SAWAS PHOOL is ready to roar again with full new fresh members!!

From left, Yama-D(Gt.), Taka (Dr.), Akky(Bs.), and Sawa (Vo./Gt.).

On the next day, we had a studio practice and got together again. By the time we were to leave the studio, Yama-D slowly put his original guitar pick on the table and said, I’d like to display(and trash) my original pick from yesterday’s show here on the ashtray. Isn’t that supposed to be tossed to the audience by the end of the show? Yama-D told me that he actually wanted to do it but, because he forgot to prepare another pick and had no choice but to keep it that night. So here today, I got Yama-D’s original pick!! From next time, he might (?) toss it to the crowds on the floor!! Keep you eyes on it! 😉

Last but not least, we’d like to thank to everyone who came to see our show and applause to all bands who rocked the stage that night!!
Thank you Eggman staff and thank you Emergenza staff! Cheers***


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