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Dear all,

As we know, there was huge earthquake start shaking southwestern Japan’s Kyushu island late Thursday and the aftershocks seems to be continuing even today.
Since Japan sits along the so-called Ring of Fire, we are trained and taught about the earthquake from very young age at pre-school. At almost every school and company, evacuation drills annual requirement, so to minimize the sudden shake and its damage afterwards. However, when unpredictable size of earthquake such as the one we experienced on March 11 2011 (M9.0), there’s almost nothing we can do but to re-recognize how precious our daily life is and to treasure our family and friends.

When natural disaster happens, I’m always reminded how small I am. At the same time, it makes me think what I can do. It doesn’t have to be ambition, but I believe that the good deeds and willings has a power to spread like a ripples.

Thank you to those who sent me a message if I’m doing okay.
I am doing fine, the shake in Tokyo was quite small this time. 🙂
My family, friends here and in Kyushu and my band members are doing okay too.

Our life has an end.
Let’s bear this in our mind, and do anything that seems to be possible!
As long as you believe, it’s never impossible.
I’d like to continue making songs that can energize that whom listened.
I’m happy today that I’m in a loop to empower each other to another through music.

Thanks for reading,
I love you!!!



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