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It’s with heavy heart that we must inform everyone that SAWAS PHOOL had to cancel their appearance at the Youmacon due to circumstances beyond control. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Sorry for the late announcement here on my blog, but I needed some time to put my heads up, stop sobbing like a little kid and positively look into the future excitements. That much the situation broke my heart so as the whole band members of SAWAS PHOOL.

It’s been SAWAS PHOOL’s dream to perform on the stage in USA since we started the band back in 2011. To be more precise, our goal was is (!) to perform in front of every each fans and friends who supports us! No matter where they live. In short, our ambition was? is (!) world tour. It doesn’t have to be a huge stage, we just want to meet our true fans and friends in person, and bring our live sounds but not only the connections online. Just to feel that we are living and energizing each other through music on this same planet and era. It sounded like a dream, most of the people (especially from music industry) laughed by hearing such ambitious story. Yes, I also know, in general, contracted artists has much much better chances to perform overseas.  Instead of finding generous record company, we searched the different way around, and found tight bonds between our fans and friends.  Without a fan who introduced us to the fantastic online radio 91.9 The Fan, we had no chance to be this close to one of our dream to perform on in the US!! Without supports by 91.9 The Fan, we couldn’t experience super intense excitement as this time ever!! Without the great teamwork with the Youmacon crew, we couldn’t be hoping now for the next chance (yes, we are seeking for the next chance already!).

SAWAS PHOOL will keep moving forward… Don’t know where we’re heading? but naturally we’re keep moving on. Feel free to join us, as an audience or a supporter! I can only say one thing, we’re the searcher of excitements and would be more than happy to share such moments with you through the rhythm and melody and together with the soul that rocks!

Last but not least, I’d like to thank fans, friends and families around the world, and the 91.8 The Fan and Youmacon crew from bottom of my heart!!
Thank you!!!! ARIGATO!!!!!!


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