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昨今では当たり前になっている sns などで見られる [いいね] ボタン。
これを英語で kudos って言ったりするらしいのはなんとなく知っていたけど、正しく理解したことが無かったので調べてみた。

We’re all very familiar with the word ‘kudos’ (in Japanese we call it ‘i-ne button’), but I didn’t know the origin of this word. So would like to share some with you.

The word “kudos” comes from the Greek κῦδος (kudos), meaning “glory” or “fame”. The “-os” ending in Greek typically indicates a singular noun and is supposed to be pronounced like “-ose”, rather than “-oze”, as many Americans usually pronounce it, “koo-doze”, or as a lot of British people tend to pronounce it “-oss”, “cue-doss”.

The word made its way into English around the late 18th century / early 19th century, meaning pretty much the same thing as it means today. The first documented instance of the “singular” word “kudo” didn’t pop up until 1926.

example phrase).
Kudos to you and for all your efforts to gather all this!


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