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実は5/31のライブに初めてお母さんが私の歌っている姿を観に来てくれました。内心学芸会のようなドキドキ。(笑) 音楽やるって事に反対し続け、発売されたアルバムを何度渡しても「ゲームとかお母さんよくわからんもん」と、言っていた母が、先月末わざわざ東京まで来てくれたのには少し驚いた。けど、ライブ慣れしている妹が一緒に来てくれたので、私も安心してステージに上がる事ができました 🙂

On May 31st, my mother came Tokyo all the way from Nagoya to see the Death March crossover 3rd stage. That was the first time she saw my rock stage ever, and I was feeling like a child before the school arts festival. Not so many, but one or two butterflies flying in my stomach. She was never supportive on the pursuit of my music career, always asking “When are you giving up? ” but seems like it was her who gave up try to stop me from what I love. Thanks to my little sister, I could sing on the stage without caring if my Mom is being comfortable and having a good time 😉

  翌日、妹は別行動で、母と私で念願だった温泉旅行。初日はほとんど食べて寝ただけだったけど季節外れの温泉は静かで最高でした 🙂 偶然ムーンロード(月が海に反射してできる道みたいな光の影)も見られたし♪ 翌日に行った薔薇園もお天気最高で、夏の遠足状態でした。

On the next day, I went to Onsen together with my Mom which had been my dream to get soaked and relaxed in the hot spring. Luckily, we could see moon road from the hotel room! Can you see the road like line of moon light? It lasted only for few minutes. As the moon rise high, the road was gone.


It really was afte a long while since I went trip together with my family member. And now I’m hoping to have another chance sometimes soon again♪

お母さーん、また遊びに行こうね♪ (๑′ᴗ‵๑)❤︎


  • 06/06/2015, 3:40 PM  返信

    A wonderful article Sawa,
    Hopefully your family to see you often make music.

    I’m always curious to hear/see new music from you. ^^
    Keep it up.

    You have round the world supporters, I think myself included. 🙂

    Best regards
    from Germany

  • 06/06/2015, 11:01 PM  返信

    (*u*)Todo este amor é lindo!
    Entendo o que sua mão pensa. Ela não queria que você seguisse a carreira de cantora porque este é um caminho muito difícil. Mas ela pensa assim porque te ama. Não quer te ver em dificuldades.

    Ps: lindo parque, raramente se acha um lugar assim no Brasil. E quando se acha, ele é particular.

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