★ My tinted figures are… 染料グラデーションな指

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Accidentally, I forgot to put gloves when my Mom asked to dye her hair while I was back in Nagoya. It was few minutes before I leave my family’s house and I was in a rush so… 😛 As a result I got this tinted figures, but it it’s getting off and faded now. It was kinda amazing how it starts getting off… So here’s how it went! 

このゴールデンウィーク中に実家を出発する約1時間程前、突然母の髪を染める事に。急いでたので手袋をしなかったから、指が綺麗に染まってしまった‼︎ 新幹線の時間が迫っていたので、まぁ仕方ないか?笑

 I heard, simply washing hands with bar of soap and putting hand-cream quite often helped the new skin to be ready as quick as possible! Man, I feel alive now by seeing my new fresh skin; recovering from the dead tinted zonby color!! Lol 

石鹸で洗って、ハンドクリームを頻繁に塗ると早く色が落ちるとの事。早速実践したところ、約3日で新しい皮膚のお出まし٩꒰。•◡•。꒱۶ ゾンビのような着色された肌が剥けて、新しいフレッシュな肌色が見えてきて一安心🌟笑



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