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My Snow White finale arribes On Feb 28th. It was a belated Christmas present from my Dad to all his daughters – and it was about a week after my b.d. present. So, my Snow White became both bd and Christmas gift :)


Even though, the pot was kept inside the shallow box without a drop of water for over 2 months, the sprout was growing! Squeezed in a small box, white as a white asparagus!!


I quickly took her out of the box, and let her have a glass of water. Then, she decided to rest and heal right beside the window where she can feel comfortable and smiled at the winter sunshine. Few day later, she start stretching her self. Then, the wounds started to heal, and her body started to turn into green. Greener and greener. Even a new sprout had sprung from her left side 😀


So here today, she’s just about to bloom!! 


I called my Dad to thank him for this sweet present and he told me, “Your sisters flower is in full bloom now, but yours seems like started with some trouble. I think the flower is living just like it’s each owner.” I was like “What?” but then our conversation turned into a laugh. He knows how I’m taking quite artistic life, so to say…. detour? lol

その理由は先週父と話した内容に理由アリです。笑 お礼の電話と花の様子を話していたら、「誰に似たんだか… サワのは変なスタートだなぁ。折れ曲がって、真っ白で?そっから育つんだから、逞しいよなぁ。花は持主に似るのかな?」って。まぁ、確かに味方によっちゃぁ遠回りに見える私の人生… (汗) なんじゃその例えは?って、電話の最後は大爆笑。www

I just checked my sisters flowers on FB. How gorgeous! I hope mine will soon bloom as well!

ちなみに、妹たちの開花具合がきになってFBからスナッチしてきた。٩꒰ ˘ ³˘꒱۶~♡ おーみーごーとーぉ‼︎‼︎‼︎

I can’t wait to see mine in bloom !! Hopefully soon 😉 私のスノーホワイト(Amaryllis) はどんな花になるのかな?楽しみ 😀


  • 03/18/2015, 6:30 AM  返信

    I’m sure it will bloom beautifully! (Just like your sisters’.)

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