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★ New song!! – Gram – acoustic –

  25.11.2014   Sawa   SP-News   No comments

New song preview from the coming up release of the SAWAS PHOOL album! For more info of my band, please visit r

★ Wild ? Rose

  24.11.2014   Sawa   Diary   No comments

なかなかワイルドでチャレンジングな育ち方してます。誰に似たんだか…笑 My rose is still trying to bloom in a quite wild and unique way.

★ Noise Music – Yoshihide Otomo

  23.11.2014   Sawa   Pædia - 雑学   No comments

Yoshihide Otomo is one of the most popular musician in the field of Noise Music. I like noise when it’s

★ Beef with Gold

  18.11.2014   Sawa   Diary   1 Comment

どうやら私のツボはやっぱり40s. そして、Edit Piafはなんと147cm. 華奢な身体から発せられる歌声の力強いこと‼︎ そして、金箔の飾られたお肉を食べながら… なんだか色々考えた夜でした。|ω・`)w My

★ Gothでした… あの頃

  14.11.2014   Sawa   Diary   3 Comments

理由あって、今夜は昔の写真を掘り返し中。 Yeah… I WAS Goth that night. ( *´艸`) hahaha I could never be singing today without

★ 新曲公開!! Halfmoon

  13.11.2014   Sawa   Diary   9 Comments

I guess you’ve heard some rumors going around on my band, SAWAS PHOOL. fufufu ( *´艸`)w 何やら私のバンド SAWAS PH

Post with Media Gallery

  12.11.2014   Sawa   未分類   No comments

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Video Post Only

  11.11.2014   Sawa   Other   No comments
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2JUhDd0CAA]

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