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Finally~!! I went to Artnia (SQEX’s cafe) today!!! I’m so glad that I could make this day happen before it’s limited exposition of Mr. Nomura. Thanks to my friends who scheduled this day 😀

ついに〜!! アルトニア (SQEX のカフェ)にスバセカ展示中に行く事ができました〜♪ 野村哲也さんの書き下ろし展示も開催中で大満足。入った瞬間、サムデイかかってたのには少し驚いたわ!www



Got badges ;) ゲットしたバッジ♪ もちろん、コースターはお持ち帰り(ただのファンです)笑artnia_coaster Had Twister coke♪ (It was very nice that none of my friends liked mint and they all gave them to me! haha!! )

ツイスター オレンジは残念ながら売り切れとのことで、コーラを注文。本当はこんなにたくさんミントは乗っていません (友人のをかき集めました)笑

Expositions of TWEWY cuts at cafe area.

カフェ エリアにはTWEWYのカット画が展示されてた。と、お客さんをノイズに仕立ててみました 😛

And we ended up singing at Karaoke. I got quite nervous with my first experience with Karaoke judge system… hm~ guess  I sang them not so bad. 😛 Lastly, but with my best respect, thank you so much to SQEX. I, SAWA would not be singing today without TWEWY project. I am and will be one of the biggest fan of TWEWY forever.  Thank you very much to all the fans and friends who supports me as an artist since the release of TWEWY original sound track back in 2007. I could never become myself today. ARIGATO!!! well… this word is not enough to express my gratitude. Please let me express this feeling with my future creation, singing, drawing…. something 😉

最後はカラオケ〜♪ 初めてリアルにカラオケで検索できるのにちょっと感動した。SQEXさん、ゲーム「すばらしきこのせかい」がなかったらSAWAはきっと歌っていませんでした。本当にありがとうございます。今も、そしてこれからも、一ファンとして、またアーティストとして、がんばります!  そして、ファンや友達のみなさん、本当にありがとう。みんながいなかったら私は今日の私で生きてなかったと思うと… 「ありがとう」の気持ちが….. ん〜っ(>  <) 言葉じゃ足りないので やっぱり歌か絵か… まぁ、なんかで(笑) これからも表現してきますんで楽しみにしていてやってくださいっ!

★Artnia → http://www.jp.square-enix.com/artnia/
★Karaoke → You can find TWEWY songs in ‘Live Dam’ machine


  • 08/18/2014, 1:43 AM  返信

    We, your fans, wish to thank you in return! Thank you for sharing your voice, for being our salve and balm against unpleasantries of everyday life. We hope to hear your voice and see your art for many years to come!

  • 08/18/2014, 12:46 PM  返信

    Zetta Sugoi!!!

    Sawa san, as músicas de TWEWY foram e ainda são a trilha sonora da minha vida!
    Sou agradecido a você e ao Ishimoto San por criarem essas pérolas! E sou mais agradecido ainda por você ser uma pessoa tão legal, assim como eu imaginava que o songwriter de TWEWY seria.
    A cada vez que eu vejo suas participações na Square-Enix, eu fico muito contente!

    Eu não sei se você se lembra de alguns comentários meus do passado, em que eu dizia que a senhorita iria crescer artisticamente junto com TWEWY!? Eu estava certo!
    Cara, na boa. Estou contente ao ver o caminho que você está percorrendo!

    Ps. (´_`) Se possível, ouça minha música. [YOU] têm uma ligação indireta com essa música! O meu amigo Richard Coelho, compôs esse som de improviso após ouvir uma música sua, LOG. 😉


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