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What would you imagine when you heard the word “ROCK”?
Energy? Anger? Craziness? Power? Madness? Stupid? Fun?

Just like all the other arts, rock had been changing it’s style through the change of our society we lived through. Sometimes it was very pop, and then it became very gorgeous. Soon it entered into very simple and rough/raw style, but the music industry always follow up quite quick and turn it into the fountain of the money. Which has both good and bad side 😛 Then we realize there’s so many variation of rock today. Pop rock, heavy rock, grunge, new wave, electronic, rap, funk, hippy… and so much more. I think there always were some kind of “agains” power toward outside society that let the energy of ROCK to emit.

Against war. Against old system. Against the almost perfect rules but never the perfect.
It always became the power of the young generation to break through the quizzical reality.

And today, in the era of 21st century. What can be the AGAINST for the next evolutionally ROCK style?
What is the most questionable reality?

I think it’s something inside myself… and yourself.
I don’t mean something violent or ignorant.
It’s something we all have in common.
Don’t be blinded only because it’s easier to do and live so.
I know many courageous people who keep challenging themselves for the better future and it’s not only for the selfish reasons.

Stay away from yourself if you’re a coward.

I’ll keep writing for those silent fighters.
I’ll sing for the never give up spirits and souls.



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