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満開の時のオノマトペよりも、散るときのオノマトペの方が多いのは… やはり「散る様」に何かを感じる傾向に日本人は多くあるからなのでしょうか?



Not like many of my friends, I didn’t go out for cherry blossom viewing this weekend. However, I was recording Sawa-sensei Podcast corner for the coming new episode today. And its theme this time was “SAKURA”.

Like always, there are a lot to learn while I research before explaining about Japanese culture in English. This is just my guess though (couldn’t research deep enough), maybe the reason why there are more onomatopeia for the flower falling rather than when it’s full bloom is that Japanese people are tend to feel, and like to feel some kind of sentimentalism a little before it’s completely gone?

While recording my talk, I remembered that I sang Sakura Sakura as a member of Wa-League last year in Peru. And when I searched for it’s video, part of its broadcast was found on YouTube.


  • 04/07/2014, 12:42 AM  返信

    Sentimentality in passing. . .I remember speaking with you before about a Japanese term I had encountered, something meaning roughly “the beauty of the sadness of being human.” A similar idea, or even motif?

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