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It’s already been out but…
On Feb 12, Yoko Hikasa’s new single was released, and Nadia (I) wrote lyrics for the B-side track. Yoko-san is a Japanese voice actress, who played role on popular Japanese anime series, K-On!! as Mio Akiyama. It was a great honor for me to work with her! 😀

だいぶが英語がいっぱいの歌詞ですが、日笠さん難なくかっこ良く歌ってくださいました!! そしてこの歌詞には謎を入れました。解き明かしたくば読んでみるべし。聴いてみるべし。ヒントはタイトルと数字です。(笑))

The title of the song Nadia had wrote this time is, ‘Technoholica’. I know it was quite a big challenge for her to sing this lyrics, because most of the part was in English, but she sang it really well!! As always(?lol) I put Nazo (riddle) in this lyrics. The hint is it’s title and numbers. 😉

かっちょいい曲です!! ぜひぜひ聴いてみてくださーぃ(・▽・)/

The A-side is an Opening theme of the Animation, ‘Z/X IGNITION’ ! A real cool anime song♪ Please give your ears a try!!

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