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久々にギターを持たずに歌った、20140214。素晴らしいギタリスト、Ryoが加入してからの初のRock Stage。Rockのステージも実は半年以上ぶりだった。メンバーにプレゼントで貰ったT-shirt着て、Sawaはご機嫌です(笑) 色々あるけどさ、ワガママにもやりたい事やらせてもらえてることに感謝。それに尽きる。怒り、悲しみ、悔しさ、喜び、笑い、理解不能な矛盾、なんだかんだ流れていく日常じゃ本当の気持ちとか上手く表現できなかったり、我慢したくないのに我慢しちゃったり… でも、そういうのは音が解放してくれる。リズムとメロディーが本当に大事なことがなんだったのかって、思い出させてくれる。歌詞が背中を押してくれる。くそ真面目なのはウケない時代だってわかってる(笑) 金儲けするために好きな事をねじ曲げなきゃならないんなら、私は金儲からんくていい。そんなんプロじゃないって言うんなら、プロにならんくてもいい。別で儲ける。好きな事は好きな事。世の中がどうとか、人がどうとか、普通がどうとか…じゃない。傷つこうが、バカにされようが、所詮浮き世でしょ。人様にあえて嫌な思いさせたり、他人の大事な物をわざと壊してみたり、利害のために盲目になったり…恥ずかしむべきはそういうこと。いくつになってもちゃんと「ありがとう」「ごめんなさい」そういうの、ちゃんとが言える人でいたい。なんか今日のSawaは妙に真面目でつまらんな。(笑)

It’s been a while, maybe about half a year(?), since I sang on a rock stage with my band mate, and without a guitar in my hands. Sawa is very happy in this video, wearing a brand new T-shirt that she got few minutes before the stage, as a BD present from the Bass player, Masanore. There are a lot going on in our life, but all in all I appreciate for this reality today, that I’m still singing songs that I like, and having stages together with wonderful band member. I can’t imagine anything better than now! My love, music is something that helps me release the true feeling of, sadness, anger, regret, happiness, laughter, contradictions that can never understand and all the feelings that we’re apt to ignore in our buzzy busy daily life. Such feelings, I can’t express well enough for some reasons, are released when the music is around. Rhythm and melody let me remember what’s most important, and lyrics supports me for the next step forward. I know, serious stuff is not of style today lol I just can not fake and distort what I truly love. I hear many people says, you should not choose your job due to make your own living with music. You know what I chose? I chose to keep working apart from my music works. Luckily, I could find a really good working place where everyone knows that I’m a singer and songwriter, I really am thankful for all the understandings and helps. Of course, it might be really nice if I didn’t have to work this much and just spend my whole time with music, but then I couldn’t meet all these great working people! Needless to say, they expanded my view toward life from very different angle and… guess what! I couldn’t become myself today, without such precious encountering and experiences! sorry… too much boring serious stuff tonight. 😛 haha


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    Good for you! I’ve been wondering how the new job was going. . .

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