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東京では、45年ぶり27センチも積もる雪が降ったんだって?!今日は、昨日とはうってかわってお散歩日和のあおい空♪ Yesterday, we had a lot of snow in Tokyo! It’s been said that the last time we had over 10.6 inch depth of snow in the center of Tokyo was 45 years ago!
でもきっと今日のうちにほとんど溶けちゃうんだろうな… 9℃もあるから。ちょっと残念 😛
Today, the temperature rose up to 48°F and every white blanket start dripping under the blue sky. I felt a bit pity… probably snow will be gone by tomorrow.
I hate cold weather, but the snowy day is an exception!!!
そして、さきほど友達の「雪ウサギ」「女体」(笑)作品に対抗して私も作ってみた! (*´艸`*) ちなみに、女体は深夜に密やかに作られていたらしく、友達が朝起きたら頭が無くなっていたそうです(-人-)なむ。
I made a little white snow bunny to compete my friends snow art↓ . BTW, I heard that the body (female?) was made during the midnight, but when my friend woke up in the morning, its head was gone…. scary place… … Tokyo. lol


  • 02/09/2014, 8:50 PM  返信

    Usagi ate it! Revenge for all those wonderful-tasting rabbit dishes. . .We had some snow in Memphis, also. It’s pretty, but I really don’t like working in the stuff. . .

    • 02/10/2014, 8:54 AM

      lol I know there are some customs that eats rabbit but I personally never had a chance yet in my life. Maybe someday? Must be really cold out there!! Stay warm! And hopefully spring is waiting for us in few more months 😉

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