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“What’s the difference of Temple and Shrine”

Most people in Japan practice both faiths and there are no restrictions against doing so. Shinto tends to be viewed as the religion of earthly matters and shrines are often used to host weddings and are where one would go to pray for success in life or business. On the other hand, Buddhism is considered the religion of spiritual matters and temples usually host funerals and are where you would go to pray for your ancestors.


Signs that you are at a Shinto Shrine:
・You always enter a Shinto shrine through a torii gate.
・Shinto shrines use the suffix jingu, as in Meiji Jingu.
・A pair of guardian dogs or lions, called shisa or komainu, often sit on each side of the entrance to a Shinto Shrine
・There is a purification fountain near the entrance to a Shinto shrine where you cleanse your mouth and hands before prayer.


Signs that you are at a Buddhist Temple:
・Buddhist temples use the suffix ji in their name.
・A Buddhist temple always houses an image of the Buddha.
・A large incense burner is usually that the front of a temple. The smoke created by the burning of incense is said to have healing properties.
・There is often a pagoda on the premises of a Buddhist temple.



● 「シーサー」と「狛犬」って何が違うの?

「大社」になったんだって。出雲信仰→出雲大社、住吉信仰→住吉大社 などなど。

・伊勢神宮(別格!! 皇室の宗廟(そびょう/皇室の祖先を祭るみたまや)で、全国八万社のトップ!)


うちの地元(名古屋)ではお祭りの時、大きなお祭りのときは御神輿を担ぐ事もあったけど、毎夏・秋の子供会のお祭りではみんなで「お獅子」を担いで神社に行ったり、帰って来たりしてたの。なんで「お獅子」なんだ?東京で「お獅子」が町を歩いて行く姿は見た事がないよ? と、いうことで次回の検索テーマ決定! w


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    Ah, thanks for your explanations! (Sorry to have wasted anyone else’s time with my own ignorance. . .) I purchased a book last year called A Year in the Life of a Shinto Shrine, but–and you know how much I read–I just haven’t gotten to it yet. I’ve so many books but only one pair of eyes–it’s not fair!

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