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I had 2 favorite things done yesterday.
My favorite cafe happened to be very close from my new work place! And I had a cheese cake there, which is always the best!!
昨日はフェーバレット2つ!新しい職場の近くに前に1度だけ行ったことのあったカフェがあることを発見‼︎ 久々に大好きなチーズケーキを食べた❤︎
それから、何ヶ月かぶりにバンドリハ。小さなスタジオで大音量の中で歌ったり叫んだりして出てきたらなんか健康を感じた。(笑) Rock要素、欠かせません…。w
And then, after several months pause, finally my band is resuming. I felt very healthy after being inside, singing and screaming in the tiny noisy studio. Yeah, I know…need rock elements to keep myself straight 😛



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