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So this is Christmas 〜Eve! and what have you done~~♪ ??
I’ve got 2 things to share today.
One is the pictures from the last TIEC Winter Party.
Which … we were planning to have our stage with this outfit
今日はね、まずこないだの東京国際交流館でのウィンターライブの写真を頂いたので♥ (撮影&シェアして下さった方、どうもありがとうございます m(_ _)m )


Happened to be something like this! lol


Thanks to the kindness of the organizer and staff, they let us use their costume before our stages starts (which was requested by Zizi). So this is how we pretty much looked like! uhahaha Everyone is dressed up in red elf (girl). so funny (´艸`○)

Ziziさんのリクエストで「いいな〜俺も着たい〜」って、クリスマスの衣装を着たスタッフさんたちを見る度に言っていたら、ステージに上がる少し前に貸して頂けた!! しかも、3着も?! というわけで、全員着替えさせていただきました♪ 全員、赤エルフ(ワンピ→女装)笑 なかなか揃いの格好することもないSAWAS PHOOLとしてはとても貴重な体験させて頂きましたよ!!


And another thing is, had I told you that I was in the video project planned and edited by one of my close friend who rans Hungry Cat Pictures? (Hope none of you take this too serious.) It’s just part of the FUN thing to collaborate with and … there’s no offense here. But maybe its a bit too stimulus for kids, so… ah, it’s up to you. Hope you enjoy!! (All my friends are actually very very nice. Otherwise, I can’t keep this friendships over years like this!) 😉 Oh! Btw, Andy Kinlay who’s one of the singer from TWEWY original soundtrack is in this video a bit, and Mike Hanna who sang at the last The Death March Live at DUO is also singing in here. 😉

そして、もういっちょ。こないだHungry Cat Picturesをやってる友達発で、よく一緒にライブをしてる東京の音楽仲間とみんなでクリスマス・ビデオを作ろうという企画。完成したのでリンク貼るね。ちょっと過激?まぁ、Indies Rockerたちのジョークだと思って笑ってみてやって下さいませ♥ (ちなみに、怖い人?!役やってる人たちも実際はめちゃくちゃいいやつらだから。ね。笑 ←念押し www) ちなみに、「すばせか」のサントラで歌っているAndy Kinlayもこっそり出ていたり… こないだThe Death MarchのDUOでのライブで歌っていたMike Hannaもでてたり~ いろんな人がでています♪


Happy Holiday~!! & MeriCHri (an short way to say ‘Merry Christmas’ in Japanese)!!
メリクリ〜!! そして、今日がお誕生日のZiziさん、ハピバ〜!!!
And guess what! It’s Zizi’s birthday!! Happy Birthday Zizi!!!


  • 12/25/2013, 12:48 AM  返信

    Merry Christmas! And a happy birthday to Zizi! (Good luck with the response to that video. Just so you’re forewarned, well, I’m not even Christian and I was rather taken aback by the content. Of course, maybe I’m just too old to appreciate the overarching vision. . .But, hey, I’ve got your back. You will always have my full support, regardless of my opinions about what you support. You did look like you were having a good time. . .)

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