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Have you checked the new episode of No Border No Race? New episode will come out every Tuesday morning so be sure to keep catching it up! And Sawa-sensei will be showing up every other week from this week. so…. the next time she’ll be there on the last Tuesday of this month! Mark it down on your calendar, it’s November 26th!!

さてと、今週のPodcast配信 No Border No Race は聞いて頂けたでしょうか?毎週火曜日に最新エピソードが配信されるので是非是非聞いてみて下さいませ。通勤/通学途中でも、海外目線のニホンのミュージックシーンが見えてきます(?!)。一方、Sawa-sensei’s Nazo-Nazo Nihongo」のコーナーは隔週火曜日に更新されることが決定しました☆

今週の放送(B3 エピソード28) リンクはこちら
And here’s the link of this week’s B3 episode 28http://www.bostonbastardbrigade.com/2013/11/no-borders-no-race-episode-ni-juu-hachi/

ということで次は11/26今月最後の火曜日にSawa-sensei現る!! お便り・リクエストあらばお待ちしとります〜♪
Please feel free to send us your request or any NAZO (questions) if you got any in your mind to ➡
[mail] thebastards@bostonbastardbrigade.com
[twitter] #asksawasensei



Last weekend Zizi came over and we were dealing with our new song. While we took a break, I took him to see the guitar that I found on the street the other day. (Everyone on my FB told me that this guitar was destined for me to have it) And Zizi, a man with the heart, decided to bring it back to his house and take care of him. I don’t know how long or how well this guitar can revive. Hopefully good enough to be on the stage someday? I’ll keep tracking on this topic for sure. So don’t worry. It’s precious guitar life had been saved. 🙂



There’s nothing to do with this picture. But I’m so into this Ramen noodle with Tomato topping on it. If you haven’t tried it yet, I bet you should. It’s really good!!!

今夜は、なんと半年ぶり(?)にSAWAS PHOOLとしてライブします。千葉のClubAnga。カナダから来日中のKieran Strangeはじめ、アコースティックからロックまで(深夜に近づくほどに激しくなる…w)ミックスカルチャーな夜になりそうです。良かったら顔出してちょんまげ☆  ➡ Live 詳細

Okay~ I’ve got to go now. Because we’re having show tonight in Chiba, Club Anga! Together with Kieran Strange from Canada, Lionheart and some other cool guys!! If you have some moment to spend the night in Chiba, check out the link and we’ll see you there tonight!!


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