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Several months ago, one of my friend asked me to come studio and join him in somewhat way… I went there, and had my chorus & screeeeam recorded. And it was already out there at the iTunes Store!!

poeticlisence1●Album : Lost and Found – Poetic License
・参加曲 ➡ Wile West Wind

poetic lisenceどうやらアルバムの全曲はオンラインでは見つからないようで… CDになったらスクリ〜ムはどこかで入手出来ることになるかと思われます。視聴でもちらっと私の声聞こえると思うので、聴いてみてみて☆
The whole songs can’t be found on-line, so you cant try the screeemin’ song, but soon there will be it’s full album CD coming out. I’ll up datesyou more on this topic later again 😉

Have a nice TGIF!


  • 11/09/2013, 10:49 AM  返信

    Collaboration! Wishing you both the best from this!

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