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Thanks to the kindness of Kocho-san, who went to WA-League tour this summer together, invited me to her 30th anniversary performance last night at Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Teater. 20130924-094013.jpg
I decided to go there together with my friend who helped me a lot with the Spanish lyrics of the song “WA ni naro”!
I had no knowledge on such traditional Japanese dance, but surprisingly I could enjoy by imaging what the old Japanese lyrics are about together with the phisical expressions!! Plus, there were the parts that they danced on Enka and also some comical dances too!! No time to get bored!!
And after getting out of the theater, my friend took me to one Yatai (stall) style La-men place. And what a huge glass of beer he ordered!! It was named, “Otokomae Beer”. Lol


  • 09/25/2013, 3:46 AM  返信

    So very jealous–of both the beer and the show. . .

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