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I titled this page, “blue banana”. Because we say, “AOI” as for the definition of green or young in Japanese.

「あおいばなな」と名前をつけましたが、英語では「blue banana」ではなく「green banana」という表現になります。ちなみに、「blue banana」だと違う意味になって…経済的、人口的に発展しているバナナ型の地帯のこととなるそうです。言葉ってオモシロイですね ( ゚∀゚)


グアヤキルに到着すると早速恒例の荷物運びと移動! そして今回は珍しいことになぜかジュースの運搬トラックが用意されていました。ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ と、いっても非力な私は細々したモノを運ぶ事しか出来ず… パワフルなお兄さんたち、本当にお疲れさまでございました。m(_ _ )m

As soon as we landed on the 2nd city, Guayaquil, we moved our numerous luggages from airport to the truck! And this time, somehow the truck with the juice commercial printed was there for us! How cute!! As many of you all know, I’m such a powerless to carry the heavy stuff, so I was just carrying tinney stuff or moving around the carriage carts. Thank you so much big powerful brothers!!



What draw my attention first on the way to the first stop, was this mosaic art on the foot of girder bridge. Isn’t it neat?!!



And we arrive to the Teatro Centro Cívico en Guayaquil . This was the theater where we’ll having our 2nd performance of this tour!! 😀



That night orchestra concert was on the schedule… so we walked between the instruments.



After checking the stage, we left for the first lunch in Guayaquil!



The season was the middle of winter, but we felt warmer than Quito. But because this place had a little more humidity than where we were, the sunshine was milder and I felt it’s like a early summer in Japan.



This is what I ordered. Here in Ecuador, banana (not the yellow ones, but the green one!) seems to be quite essential. In this plate, it came out in banana chips style.  Together with a big bowl of soup, it was only ¥200~300. How cheap!! I heard people in Ecuador doesn’t eat heavy dinner like many of us do.  So that helps the organs to rest while they’re sleeping, they’d been accustomed to this style since long time ago due to the hight sea level life.  That made sense to me for this big lunch plate!



Here’s additional photo. Kocho-san playing with cute kitties outside the venue. 😉


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