Day 2 in Quito – 楽屋でケチュア語

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The second day in Quito, we had our first stage at Teatro Nacional Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana “Benjamin Carrion”.

そしてリハーサル準備が進む中、ステージ通訳をしてくださった笑顔の素敵なヒメーナさんとお話しているとケチュア語について少し教えてくれました。言語に興味がありまくる私としてはそそられまくる!! 今日改めてその時(自分用メモのため)とっさに録らせていただいた動画を見ていたら、興奮のあまりこんなビデオを作ってしまった。(というか、久々にYouTubeも触ったけど、なんとか作れてしまった! 笑)なのでペトっと貼ってみました☆ほとんど私が発音の確認してるだけで…申し訳ない。「もうすぐリハ始まるよ〜」って、いうステージの最終確認してる時だったんだもの。:P

And on the back stage during the rehearsal this lady with beautiful smile taught me a little bit about the Quecha language and it’s culture! Since I’ve got strong interests in LANGUAGE, I was so eager to record it’s sound and kindly she let me do so. And tonight, when I found this video in my messy i-phone album, I couldn’t resist from making this clip! lol


And on the next day, my interest toward this language got even more heated up and when I got the chance to go for a little walk together with Sr.David from Ministry of the Culture I kept asking about this language and the culture in Ecuador. And below 2 is what I didn’t forget to take a memo. 🙂

①Achachai (あちゃちゃい)
②Ararai (あららい)

Don’t you think it sounds cute?
Can you guess what it means??

答えは… the answers are…
① 冷たい (cold)
② 熱い (hot)

In Japanese when we touched something hot, we say “Achichi” kinda thing (it’s colloquial expression). So when I heard “Achachai” has opposite meaning of “Achichi” in Japanese, this word was in printed in my memory.
Well… that’s pretty much all of my very few Quechua language learning.

● wikipedia – ケチュア語


  • 08/30/2013, 4:35 AM  返信

    Looks like fun! What was that terraced-looking structure(?) in the clip, though? Looked like was made of bricks. . .

  • 08/30/2013, 8:36 AM  返信

    HAhah Você está passando bem aí no estrangeiro!
    Sabe, no cristianismo, se diz que as diferentes línguas são uma maldição de Deus á humanidade.
    Com cada nação falando um idioma diferente, nunca haveria integração, e assim sendo, o homem não iria tentar tornar seu domínio maior que o limite imposto por Deus.

    Sabe a lição que eu tiro desta história?
    Juntos, nosso podemos tudo. Desde para bem, ou para mal.

  • Kumi the Tink
    08/30/2013, 10:42 PM  返信


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