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今回私が南米に歌いにいかせていただいたのは「WA League」という日本文化紹介プロジェクトの公演ツアー。そのプロジェクトについては以前ブログでも書かせていただいてるので、そちらのページをご参照くださいませ☆

The reason I flew to South America this year was to take part in the performance group named, “WA League”. I wrote about this project on my last entry so please read that page for the details.
I left Japan on the Aug 13th(TUE) and via Huston airport, we arrived Quito Ecuador in midnight.


Next day, the first day in Quito! After the rehearsal together with cute children chorus group we walked around the city of Quito for a while, found interesting stuff at the supermarket (yes! I love to look around the supermarket in the foreign countries!!) came back for the dinner party at the ambassador’s residence.

キト初日の翌日は午前中、最初の公演で一緒に歌う子供合唱団のみんなとお歌の練習。午後は少し時間があったので、ホテルの周りを楽器メンバーの皆さんと一緒にブラブラ散策。海外に行ったらat the supermarketスーパーマーケットで地元の人たちの日常をかいま見るのはやっぱりやめられません!!(笑) そして夜は大使にお招きいただいて、大使公邸でのディナーパーティーへ☆

Next to me on the right side is Sr.Kotaki


エクアドルと日本料理の創作料理はどれも初めて食べるお料理ばかりなのに、美味しいのはもちろんのこと、どこか日本食らしさもあって、エクアドルでの食事へのスムーズな導入効果(?)をももたらしてくれました。そして、(写真にはないけど)この夜いただいた「mora」のジュースにぞっこん!! アンデスブラックベリーとも呼ばれることのある、濃い紫色のジュースは滞在中どこのお店でも見かける度にオーダーして愛飲しておりました。
Delicious dishes were delivered in the fusion style of Ecuador and Japanese meals. (Of course) it tasted like anything I’ve ever had before, and such tasty plates lead me to a smooth and nice introduction to Ecuador foods. I forgot to take the photo, but I had a Mora juice that night, which became my most favorite drink and I couldn’t resist myself from ordering it whenever I found it’s name on the menu during my stay.



As a souvenir, Sr.Kotaki gave us a Haiku (Japanese style poem) book and we went back to hotel filled with excitements for the 1st stage of this tour.


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    Dining with the ambassador, even! Look at you! It really does sound fun–and finding the food (market) is one of the first things any experienced traveller does. Good job!!! Glad y’all had fun.

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