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Tonight starting from 22:00 (Japan time), there will be a full review up stream of the album that’ll be released tomorrow!!

6/19(明日)発売のCD『すばらしきこのせかい Crossover~Tribute』の先行試聴会がUSTREAMであるよ!!
今回新しく作詞させてもらった、「Revelation -花-」や 「March On」 の英語ver(←こっちは歌も歌ってるよ♪).と日本語ver.、
TwisterのLive音源や、T$UYO$HI Remixの新しいTwisterやCallingなどなど…他にもいろいろ入ってて全15曲!!!

Needless to say, the new song which I wrote lyrics,”Revelation -hana-” and “March on” will be in with both English(←Yes! It’s me on the vox!) and Japanese ver., and the Live recordings from the 1st TWEWY Live will be also included! Hey have any of you reader tried the new T$UYO$HI Remix ver. of Calling and Twister?! Every each tracks are really cool and rockin’ but to any of you who has doubt on this, take this chance and try the tracks!!! The album release is tomorrow!


  • 06/21/2013, 9:47 AM  返信

    So, where do we go to order? (Because you already know that I’m ordering. . .) –Dave

  • 06/25/2013, 7:51 AM  返信

    Ishimoto san e a senhorita continuam a me impressionar compondo músicas muito legais!!!
    Vocês formam um par perfeito.(Musicalmente. XD)

    Sobre o Takeharu Ishimoto, eu acho que ele deveria entrar para o livro dos recordes como a pessoa que mais fez remixes da mesma música.(Twister) HAhaha! Brincadeiras a parte, omedetou pelo trabalho bem feito. ^^

    • 06/26/2013, 12:54 AM

      Obrigada Oyto! Sim, eu concordo vc! Brincadeiras são muito importante pra criar coisas novas. É muito FUN de fazer novas musícas com Sr.Ishimoto. He’s got a lot of common tastes with music and mostly he is genuin Rock (ISHI) Source (MOTO). 😉

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