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幼少期を思い出す… そんな帰り道。


I deeply appreciate this chance to think my identity through music.

Thinking back about my childhood all the way back, until today.

What is Japan and Japanese for me? I’ve been and will be SAWA and Nadia. How will I stand and sing out from the ground of Sawa Kato??

Hmmm … let’s see



  • 05/29/2013, 3:15 AM  返信

    As vezes nos sentimos divididos.
    Nossos corações nos dizem uma coisa,
    mas o capitalismo nos mostra outro caminho.

    Porém, a senhorita é o que você canta. Por isso eu posso te entender mesmo estando do outro lado do mundo. (^u^)
    Uma grande mulher, e uma menina sonhadora.
    Abraços. ^^

  • 05/30/2013, 6:19 AM  返信

    Every individual is actually a collection of individuals. I am a son and a father, a poet and a policeman, a husband and a brother, and many things besides. Be Sawa. Be Nadia. You will always be Sawa Kato as well, even while being everyone and everything else. The only secret to being–is being. . .
    Besides, I’m sure that everyone here will support you in all your various roles.

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