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From left top, Reiny, Joanna, Ritsu, Sawa

Thank you very much to everyone who lead this event to a great success!! It was a great pleasure to be the part of this live last Friday!!!
ご来場くださったみなさん、イベントの成功を願ってくださった皆さん、出演者のみなさん、そして企画運営をしてくださったみなさん、この”すばらしき”LIVEを実現させてくださったみなさん、本当に本当にありがとうございました。今回は5人のボーカルでお届けしたThe Death March ライブ。でもなんか、なんとなく、ずっと、どの曲も会場のみんなと一緒に歌っていたような気がする。 別のボーカルさんがステージにいる時は、ステージの裾やら楽屋で私も一緒に口ずさんでたから? 前回以上にフロアからのパワーを感じたから?? 理由はなんであれ、ステージからマイクを向けた時のみんなの顔、一生忘れませんっ!みんな本当にイイカオしてたんだよ。できることなら、時間を一瞬止めて、歌うのも一瞬止めて、前頭葉にぜーんぶ焼き付けたい衝動に駆られてたんだよ。(笑) まぁ、そんなことは到底不可能ですが…www

thedeathmarch20130510Coming up! A New ALBUM RELEASE !!
ON JUNE 19th!

「すばらしきこのせかい ~ Cross Over Tribute」


I wrote several new lyrics for this album!!!

今視聴できる新曲は今回もSAWAが作詞させていただいたきました。今まで通り、別の世界観で1つのテーマにアプローチしてる感じで☆ March On -jp- と Revelation -花- は日本語でRitsuさんがかっこよく歌っています♪ March On (英) は私です。(>▽<)/

From backstage

There are 2 versions (English and Japanese) of the new songs, as it were in the past albums, but with the different stories each. Although the theme (title) is same, so it’s like 2 different people talking about same ONE subject. Or a person looking at the same scenery from 2 different places, could be the time difference (old/young) or geographic differences (south/west, under the ocean / top of the mountain etc…). I always think it’s up to the listeners(or readers) what to feel and how they take. So, above is just a little info to draw your attention (lol) and I just wanted to introduce how I wrote those lyrics this time 😉


All I wish is this that my new writings, and singing for this album “すばらしきこのせかい ~ Cross Over Tribute” to be a good empowerment and can bring in a nice inspirations to your daily life.

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  • 05/14/2013, 11:06 PM  返信

    Eu li este post com lágrimas nos olhos!
    Meu Deus!
    Tudo o que eu previa para você está acontecendo!!!
    Eu vou continuar te enviando energia positiva, depois a senhorita agradece. 😉

    Eu estou gravando minhas músicas também, antes desse ano acabar acho que eu vou ter em minhas mãos o primeiro álbum do [Projeto Hybrido].(Nome do projeto meu com um amigo, feito para nós compormos músicas em vários estilos.)

  • 05/16/2013, 11:20 AM  返信

    I agree with you that interpretation is the privilege and duty of the audience. (We’ve discussed before how any artistic work is re-made every time it is viewed by someone new; that artist and audience are both part of the larger creative process. . .) Congrats on the new album–I can’t wait to hear the new material!

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