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Haven’t met my friends I met during my university years after graduating, not until TODAY!!! Some got master, some got family… It was great to catch up with each others after years!!!
何年かぶりに大学のサークル(と、いっても私一年間くらいしか顔出してなかったんだけど、笑)友達たちと昼間っから家飲みパーティー♡ みんな学部も違ったから、それぞれの道に進んでて色んな話が聞けて面白かった♪ 20130505-195334.jpg
今日はこどもの日だったので?プラレール前回のパーティーテーブル!ご飯を機関車トーマスが持ってきてくれるという乙な演出がステキ過ぎる!私もこの機関車の馬力に負けんように、まだまだ頑張らんとな‼ 20130505-195705.jpg


  • 05/06/2013, 12:09 PM  返信

    Interesting. I, meanwhile, have avoided every reunion and/or similar activity from high school and both my colleges. Last month was the 20-year reunion for my graduating bachelaurate class at university; I never even replied to the invitation. Perhaps you enjoyed your time a bit more than I. . .

    • 05/07/2013, 1:36 PM

      Since I live away from where I spent most of my school life (Nagoya), I could hardly attend to any of such reunion. However, it was nice 🙂 I once got a chance to meet my friends from NIS (I stop attending there when I was 7), after 10 years, it was very difficult to tell who is who!! lololol

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