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川で例えるなら… 激流をただひたすら「上ってやる!」っていう鱒(マス)のお母さんの気分というか…
山で例えるなら… どうしても頂上に行きたくて、でも高山病になりかけて苦しいから、一歩ずつあまり変わり映えのしない地面がちゃんと後ろに過ぎて行くのを確かめるみたいに、それでも少しずつ前に進んでいるような感じというか…


まだ何かは発表できませんが…写真見てもしかしたらわかる人にはわかるかな? (`ー´*)♪
Every each day, every single moment fly pass by like an arrow!!
Last week started with the farewell party for one of my very nice friend who tried to recruit me to become the vocalist of his band, but I kept saying “no”. But don’t worry we still are respecting each other and being a very good friend ever since! He decided to go study abroad and so he left Japan during last week. He knew when I was still singing alone at Shimokitazawa with acoustic guitar in my hands. 😉 And he gave me a letter together with some presents on my second solo acoustic stage – it was my birthday -. There written was a arranged ver. of the popular phrase of Antonio Inoki -Wrestling Legend-.

In original it was something like… “if you go, you’ll see”. But in this letter it said, “if you sing, you’ll see”. And so I kept singing until today! 🙂 With lots of new encountering, together with the great support of my family and friends!! I was very proud of him, making his dream come true. By now, he is in Ireland maybe having some difficulties to adapt to his new life there?
今回もTomH@ckさまの楽曲は難易度高かったーっ!www 日ごろから割り箸加えて早口言葉の練習していて良かった!!と、言いたいところだが今回は前日のみ。

On Wendsday, as I wrote on my last blog, I was there inside the NicoNico live on-air screen 😉 And I must say, thanks a lot for doing some tricks as if I succeed(well… I guess I did succeeded by the end) with that KENDAMA trial Ishimoto-san!! lol

On Thursday, I was at the studio doing recordings of new track written by Mr.TomH@ack!! YES! Nadia(=that’s me!) was there!! Nadia wrote lyrics and she also sang this tune~♪ This new song is very tight!!! (>▽<)! I can’t tell much yet, but I’m looking forward the day when I can announce it’s release!!



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