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Do you believe in a miracle?

It’s a common phrase, and I do believe in miracles. When you give up, that’s the end. It’s your choice to take the risk or to abandon the least possibility that you still have in your hand.


It’s already a miracle that I’m living today, and luckily got a chance to meet and know my friends like this today. I could never become Sawa today without any of you! I used to hate myself, but these years I started to accept myself … bit by bit. In my daily life, when I sing on the stage, I never was someone else but myself, and it’s you all that told me that I don’t have to play some other role to pretend cool or cute or… whatever 😛 I’m not skilled to act. I simply hope that we can keep smiling and enjoying our each life together on this same stream of era that we were born.



When I was down and in a low mood, I used to go out and eat ice cream sunday alone in the mid night. Soon later, there always was someone who gives me a call and I used to talk or go out for a midnight drive together. I don’t do that anymore, but have a sweets together with my friends while sun is out these days. And today, I had a good fancy apple pie. Sweets are always a magic!

昔はね、凹むと夜中によく1人で近所のファミレスに行ってパフェを食べて元気になろうとしてた。そうすると、だいたいいつも誰かからメールや電話が届いて話し相手になってくれたり、時には夜中に突然ドライブに連れ出してくれたり…。もう今はそんな事しなくなったけど(笑)、代わりに?時々友だちと昼間にカフェに行ってスイーツを食べて元気になるんだ。久々に昼間時間がとれた今日は、アップルパイ☆ 甘いモノを気のおけない友達と食べれる時って、めっちゃ元気が充電される。私にとって、そんなスイーツの時間は今でも魔法みたいなもんですわ。(●´ー`●) みんな、ありがとぅ!


  • 03/02/2013, 5:17 AM  返信

    Ah, the healing power of ice cream! Yeah, you’re fine just like you are, so no need to pretend. Just be you (because you’re the only one who knows how!!!)

  • 03/02/2013, 5:33 AM  返信

    (Você me deixou com lágrimas nos olhos…)
    Puxa, a vida não é fácil.
    Mas é super gratificante olhar para trás e ver todos os antigos desafios superados.
    Agora eu posso entender melhor a letra de “One thing”:

    “Don’t you feel ashamed for yourself
    You’re just you, no matter what you are
    I’ve got you, and I’ll be waiting for you
    There’s no gain but no pain as well
    Take one step out from the crowd
    Two steps aside to see the shape of life
    Three steps front and then you will feel fine
    A little bit fine.”

    Essas são as conclusões da sua vida!!

    Valeu SAWA! Você é Super Sugoi!

  • 03/02/2013, 5:40 AM  返信

    Eu acredito em milagres também!
    Não sou religioso, mas quando eu era pequeno uma coisa incrível me aconteceu.

    [Eu fui atropelado por uma moto, tinha 6 anos.]

    Inexplicavelmente nada me aconteceu!!
    Nem dor nem nada!
    Minha tia estava comigo e viu tudo!

    Acredito que se eu sobrevivi a algo assim, significa que eu tenho um propósito nesta vida.
    Provavelmente seja criar.
    Por isso eu faço a minha arte.

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