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Thank you thank you thank you so much for the birth day messages and mails and presents on Feb 15th and yesterday (because of the time differences 😉 I know!)

まだ全然お返事書ききれてませんが、まだの人もうちょい待っててやってください(〃゚д゚〃) 全員にお返ししたいと思ってます。今の私がまだ歌っていられるのは皆さんのおかげなので!それぞれは一言になってしまうかもしれないけれど、本当に本当に感謝しています。思えば、始めて自分の曲でステージにアコギ一本で立ったのは6年前の誕生日の頃でした。まさか、6年後も歌っていられるとはあの頃は想像もつかなかったなぁ。カッコつけられん不器用なやつですが、素のままの私でいさせてくれて、歌わせてくれて本当にありがとうございます‼

I still haven’t able to write back each messages, but I’m willing to do so… Plz give me some more time ( to those who haven’t got my reply yet). Without your support, I could never become myself today and sing like I am still doing today. I really appreciate every each friendship and thank you very much for the great supports which I could never imagine when I start singing alone with a guitar in my hands – I guess that was 6 years ago a week before my birthday.

誕生日はバンドメンバーがサプライズでパーティを開いてくれました。ホントびっくりしたわ…‼ 駅から知った顔の人が突然現れるから。笑

On my birthday, my band members surprised me with birthday party that they secretly organized for me!! How nice of them !!!


Thanks again for being such a wonderful friends and fans of SAWA or Nadia or SAWAS PHOOL or… what ever! I’ll promise you to rock your word even more this year!! ☆



  • 02/19/2013, 5:47 AM  返信

    ♪Parabéns pra você!
    Nesta data querida!
    Muitas felicidades!
    Muitos anos de vida!♫

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