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前回のライブ@渋谷GUILTYに遊びにきてくれたみなさん、一緒に騒いでくれてどうもありがとう!! GUILTYのスタッフのみなさんも素敵な一夜をどうもありがとう! 知ってる人もいると思うけど、GUILTYでライブがあると出演者オリジナルのカクテルが毎回その1夜だけ登場するの。で、うちのバンドはSaku以外あんまりお酒飲まないメンバーばかりなので、元お酒大好き人間(現在は超ドライ=全く飲まない)Zizi君が毎回カクテルを考案。今回は「冬のシリウス」というヤツをつくっていたようですが、私は超スーパー下戸(ゲコ)なので全くよくわかりませんが、美味しいお酒だったのでしょうかね?

Thanks for those who came to Shibuya GUILTY last Thursday and rock with us!! Also thanks to the staff of the venue, Shibuya GUILTY! Maybe some of you already know (?) at GUILTY the performer of the night can make their own original cocktail. Since only Saku can drink alcohol among our member, it’s somehow Zizi’s work to make this original SAWAS PHOOL cocktail (because he used to drink a lot! but he quit it long time ago and now he lives 100% sober). And this time he made a drink named, “Winter Sirius” but since I can’t take not even a drip of alcohol, I have no clue how it tasted like. Hopefully it tasted good 😉 lol

次のライブは久しぶりのアコースティックですょ。楽しみですね。ぇえ、勿論本人たちもとっても楽しみにしています♪ 初めてお邪魔する恵比寿にあるライブバー★スターズ。どんな所なんでしょうねぇ? というわけでお店の紹介はサイトにお任せしてしまう感じですが、このビデオ(シェアありがとう!Kiyoさん!!)とはまるで別人?!なSAWAS PHOOLを見たい方は是非いらしてください。ギャップに驚き、楽しんで頂ける事ウケアイでしょう!! (・▽・)/

And so our next gig is Acoustic… after a long while. I am and all my members are looking forward!! ♪ We’ll be performing for the first time at EBISU ★ Live Bar Stars. As far as I see this place on it’s web, looks like a very cool place!! For those who haven’t seen our acoustic stage will surely surprise with the gap between our rock style and acoustic. So be aware!! haha lololol

【会場/Venue】恵比寿ライブバースターズ (http://db-stars.com/)
【日にち/Date】2/20 (WED)
【Ticket】2500円(1D込/1 Drink included)
【出演/Performers】閑野 大地/細身のシャイボーイ/SAWAS PHOOL
※SAWAS PHOOL 出演時間は21:10頃です。


  • 02/10/2013, 7:05 AM  返信


    • 02/13/2013, 1:03 AM

      いいね!! いろいろがんばっつーね! 最近また寒いから体壊さんように、適度に休んでね〜☆

  • 02/11/2013, 1:03 AM  返信

    Wish I could be there–have fun!

  • 02/12/2013, 10:31 PM  返信

    Tudo de bom para meus amigos!!!

    Yeah, realmente… Os acústicos do SAWAS PHOOL são muito diferentes dos shows convencionais. E eu adoro isso!!!
    Valeu moçada!!! (Aliás, aquele acústico em OilCity Asagaya foi demais!!!)

    • 02/13/2013, 1:06 AM

      Obrigada! Destes dias, mais shows e eventos começando!! Mais ocupado, mais “EXCITING” !!! 😀

  • 02/12/2013, 10:35 PM  返信

    Oh! Zizi san segue a minha filosofia!!!???
    Levar uma vida sóbrio é muito difícil.
    Aquele momento em que o álcool conforta seus pesares nunca vai existir.
    A pessoa tem de superar sozinha.
    Complicado né?

    • 02/13/2013, 1:12 AM

      Exatamente. Sim, Zizi deixou beber alchólicos antes me encontrou. E eu nunca gostei os bebidos…. quero esperiencar como e “ficar bêbado” mas acho que eu não pode. Eu mais gosto de sucos!! É fica SUGAR HIGH!! haha!

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