Free DL! Strating tomorrow!!! 明日! 楽曲無料配信スタート!!

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2週間限り!! SAWAS PHOOL楽曲、無料ダウンロードのお知らせです!!! (明日1/29 AM10:00 ~2/12 AM6:00 まで)

Here’s a big news everyone!!! Don’t surprise~♪ Don’t surprise~♪ lol
One of our favorite song will be distributed as a free down mp3 for 2 limitted weeks!! And it’s song is…. ‘Karma Wave’!!!
The Download page will be open from Jan 28 (10:00am EST) until Feb 11 (4:00pm EST).
(Wich will be 29th Jan 10AM~12th Feb 6AM in Japan Time)

PUMA PLAY TIMEプロモーションでも歌わせてもらいました、SAWAS PHOOLオリジナル音源が期間限定で無料配信されることになったよ!ライブにいつも来てくれているみんなにはおなじみ…『Karma Wave(カルマ・ウェーブ)』です!! 例によって全部英詩なので訳を付けたから気になる人は、覗いてみてくださいまし★


As most of our songs are, the whole lyrics of this song is in English so… for our J-Jesters, I made a little translation on sawasphool.com’s song page so… if you’re interested in plzgo check them (and if there were miss spellings or any error that you found on it’s page, I’d be greatly appreciated to learn my error, thanx!).

実はこれ、Hard Rock Cafe Tokyo でライブをやれるバンドが選ばれるコンテストでもあるんだ。なので、これを機に「こんなバンドいるんだよー?」とぜひとも友達にこのリンクを広めて聞いてみてもらってほしい!! 「あたりまえ体操の英語版をうたっている人はエアロビの歌はうたってないけど、なんか元気な感じだよ?」とか。www 「Twisterの人、元気なかんじだね~?」とかでもいいし。www

Maybe you’ve already guessed right, but this is not only the free down load campain! Each download (by the residents of Japan) will be counted as 1 vote, and top 10 bands with the most DL number will get a chance to perform at the local Hard Rock Cafe (In our case, it’ll be HRC Tokyo). All the regulations are written as below (I might update a bit after actual DL started tomorrow).In short, it’s only 3 steps and you can DL as many mp3’s that HRC offers during this period!!

この曲『Karma Wave』は、まぁ要約してしまえばカルマ(運命とか?)の波が襲ってこようが、負けねぇゾ!
どんな波も乗りこなしてみせるゼ!的な、ノリノリな曲です♪ 私はよく、朝の通勤ラッシュをかき分けるときのBGMで使っています。(笑)) いつもより30歩分くらい早く改札を抜けれるはず。www ぜひぜひみなさま、お試しあれ!

Speaking about this song, “Karma Wave”, I often press play few seconds I get off from the jam-packed morning comuting train in central Tokyo (SHIBUYA). Okay… so when the guitar riff starts, that’s the intro of your landing. When the melody started, you’re somehow able move half tempo faster than usual, twist your way through a crowd!!!lol Anyway, it’s a BGM for every one who keep challenging to the big wall that stands between where you stand and where you aim. Plz try it with your own ears, and and feel it’s beat with your heart. You’ll know it by tomorrow… 😉

□■□■□■□■ ダウンロード方法 / How to DL □■□■□■□■

●Hard Rock Cafe Tokyo Facebook Link:

1.上のリンクからHard Rock Cafe TokyoのFacebookページに行きます。
3.ダウンロードページでSAWAS PHOOLを見つけてクリック!→ダウンロード開始!(と、なるはず。)
1. Go to Hard Rock Cafe Tokyo’s Facebook page from the above link.
2. Click the “Like” buttom of the Hard Rock Tokyo’s Facebook page.
3. Move on to the Special DL page of “Hard Rock Rising” and find SAWAS PHOOL (and probably you’ll be simply following the instructions that shown).
*Caution1*According to the instruction mail, only the DL by the locals (Tokyo area?) will be counted as a vote. (So due to vote SAWAS PHOOL you must be the resident of Japan)
*Caution2*You can vote only once for the same band.
*Caution3*Listners can DL as many songs from each different bands (and it’s all free!!)

まぁ、欲を言えばHRCTokyoでライブしたいけど…(○´w`○) それよりも今回が初となるSAWAS PHOOLのレコーディング曲を1人でも多くの人に聞いて欲しいので!! この際、国境は気にしません!2週間限定だからねっ!! とっととDLしておくれっ!!! www


  • 01/29/2013, 8:35 AM  返信

    I really wish that my download would help you out as a vote! But I know you’ll do well with this, so good luck!

    • 01/31/2013, 3:01 PM

      Thanx Dave!! 😀 So far so good!! We’re on the 3rd!! 10 more days to roll on ~♪

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