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なにやら… うごめいているようだ@SoundCloud… ?!
Maybe…  something started on the SoundCloud … ?!

As some of you guys know, “Stay Away” was the first song that I made together with Mr.Ishimoto back in 2006 and this song was included in my first original album “333” which is not on sale anymore (after the termination of the project).  For this song, he made a riff and then I put the melody together with lyrics. It was like a miracle!! and the whole song was completed in 1 day, so we felt the good chemistry and decided to keep making songs together. This unit project lasted until 2010 when the band project started. However, SAWA(band) was ended by the end of same year.”Dragon” was one of the song from the same album! It was quite a unique song for me to try 😀

「Stay Away」は2006年に石元さんと初めて一緒に作った曲で、私のファースト・オリジナル・アルバム「333」の中の曲(プロジェクト解散と同時に販売停止)。2007年にスタートしたユニット・プロジェクト「SAWA」のきっかけになった曲で、石元さんがリフを弾いて、私がメロディーと歌詞をのっけて、おもしろいね!ってなって、あっという間にできた。1日でほぼ完成してしまって、もっと作りたいね!ってなったのでもっと作った。で、それらを全部入れたのが「333」。2010年にバンド・スタイルに進化したけど、同年にプロジェクト解散。「Dragon」もこのアルバムに入ってる曲よ☆ 懐かしいわね~ ∬´ー`∬♪


  • 01/18/2013, 8:56 AM  返信

    Stay Away. Uma de minhas músicas prediletas do álbum 333.
    Agora, uau! A canção foi feita em !1! dia! Caramba! Ishimoto e Sawa eram um só nesse momento!

    Enfim, senhorita e o senhor Ishimoto fizeram um ótimo trabalho na composição das faixas, destaque para Nowhere! Muito bom!

    Eu também curti bastante a “vybe” grunge de Dragon. O seu vocal lírico suaviza a levada.

    Mas Twister ao vivo foi simplesmente épico!
    Sawa chan e Stephaine detonaram!

    As músicas de SAWA eram muito boas, mas SAWAS PHOOL está melhor ainda.
    Continue o trabalho duro Sawa! _O/

  • 01/18/2013, 8:59 AM  返信

    Desculpe mas… eu preciso te fazer uma pergunta…inocente. (Se não quiser responder eu entenderei…)

    Eu posso esperar futuras participações suas em projetos da Square Enix?

    • 01/23/2013, 10:27 AM

      Valeu Oyot!!! Muíto obrigada por boa notagems sobre os projetos!! 🙂 Cada os músicas contar bastante memória… ☆ E… desculpe mas eu não sabe resposta da pergunta… Acho que Sr.Ishimoto ainda não saber tambem.

      Mas.. eu espero mesmo que vc 😉

  • 01/18/2013, 10:42 AM  返信

    I’ve never heard of SoundCloud before. But so happy to see your music reaching new audiences!

    • 01/23/2013, 10:15 AM

      Hopefully! yeah!! To those who never heard of the album “333” 😉

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