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windgate_emergenza_sawaToday my band member and I went to the new office reception party of Emergenza Japan! It was a very stylish place and cozy atmosphere 🙂 People from various fields, countries where there and it was just such a lovely night!! Grateful people who realized their dreams taught me how I need to keep up my effort till realize my dream. Much gratitude for tonight’s meeting!!

And so, my band really need to move on to the final stage of Emergenza contest this year!! We could only made up to Semi-final last year. The winner of semi-final stage will be decided by the number of votes by the audience. So plz plz plz please come supports us on March 24!! Contact us to get the special advanced ticket discount!!! Because the number is limited. 😉

今日は昨年からお世話になってるインディーズ・バンドコンテストEmergenza Japanの新店舗オープニングパーティーに参加させてもらってきました★ スタイリッシュな空間 ♪ 色んな業界、国籍の方々がいらっしゃっていて、とても素敵なパーティーでした。 すばらしい人達の中で足下にも及ばない自分はもっともっと努力するしか無いんだなって改めて思いました。いい人に出会える事に感謝!!

今年はなんとしても準決勝を突破したいぞ!! 3/24の準決勝は渋谷のeggmanでやるよ!! SAWAS PHOOLは18:50 ON STAGE!! お客さんが演奏後に手を上げる参加型コンテストなので、ぜひぜひぜひぜひ是非に!応援宜しくお願いします!!! みんな来てくれーーーっ! チケット購入希望者は連絡ください!! 先着でディスカウントします!!!

3/24 (SUN) EMERGENZA Live Battle -準決勝-

  • Venue : 渋谷 eggmanemergnza_300dpi.jpg
  • 住所:150-0041 東京都渋谷区神南1-6-8, Tokyo
  • (B1 1-6-8, Jinnan Shibuya-ku Shibuya Tokyo)
  • チケット: ADV(前売り件)¥2,500+1drink / DOOR(当日券)¥3,000+1 drink
  • Open: 17:00 /Start: 17:20
  • Performers: RELATION, 名取裕太、SAWAS PHOOL、ZAKURO and more.
  • (18:50 SAWAS PHOOL will be on stage.)


  • 01/17/2013, 2:37 AM  返信

    Good luck! Wish I could be there. (Now, the voting is done at the concert, right? Because if y’all get credit for how many fans buy tickets, let me know. Just because I can’t attend doesn’t mean I can’t buy a ticket and show support. . .)

    • 01/23/2013, 10:36 AM

      Thanks Dave!! Well… it’s true that we must sell our tickets but the voting won’t be counted by the number of sold tickets. It’s actually the number of hands raised after the performance that counts. f(+_+;) but I appreciate your offer and supports!! I’ll accept your generosity but don’t buy a ticket that you can’t attend!!! 😉

  • 01/18/2013, 9:11 AM  返信

    Mas uma vez, eu estarei contigo.(Em espírito.)

    Desejo toda a sorte do mundo para você!

    • 01/23/2013, 10:33 AM

      Tanta obrigada!!! Saude do espírito (ou da alma) é uma coisa mais importante, ne? 😀 A gente (SAWAS PHOOL) falaram sobre vc tanta destes dias… Espero que nos podemos reunir no futuro!! Good luck com sua projecto Hybrid!!! ☆

      • 01/26/2013, 11:41 AM

        Sério!? Vocês conversam sobre mim! Caramba! Eu fico muito contente em saber disso!
        Sabe, comigo acontece a mesma coisa. Meus amigos sempre me preguntam: “Ei, o que a Sawa tem feito?”
        Hahhaa muito legal.

        Bem, eu estou trabalhando duro na banda Projeto Hybrido. Eu canto e escrevo as letras. Meu amigo Richard(Tex) executa e compõe as canções.
        Se tudo correr bem, logo logo essa banda pode se tornar algo rentável.
        E aí, quem sabe… Sawas Phool feat Projeto Hybrido!! Hahaha ia ser demais!

        Tchau, mande minhas saldações para o Zizi, Tanny e o Sakuma.


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