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I rested a lot and then had my hair cut on Saturday night.
友達のたけし君の夢はずーっとマイ美容院を開く事だった。そして、去年の暮れにその夢が叶ったんだよね!! コツコツ努力して、実現できたタケシ店長殿は本当に凄いと思う!!! かれこれ5年ほどずーっと私の髪はタケシ店長殿のお世話になりっぱなしですわ。(^^; 完全予約制なんだけど、カットもカラーも相談もぜーんぶ店長がしてくれるから、個人スタイリストさんにコーディネートカットしてもらうみたいなかんじ…にしては安い!! あと、なんかオーガニックにこだわりをもっているらしく、髪と頭皮に優しいものを極力選んでいるそうです。はい。いい匂いでした。ネイルもやってるにょ! (これは女性の担当者さんがいたよ…と、ネイルサロンに行った事の無い私は今回は横目で素通り。今年…1回くらいやってみようかな…)

It was my friend’s dream to open his own hair salon. And he realized it end of last year!! I really admire his hard work until today. (He’s been cutting my hair for over… 5 years by now!! So, he is like my stylist today! lol) You need to make an appointment before going to his salon (FreeDoM Hair Design) because Takeshi (the owner / and my friend) will do all the works for you from shampoo to cut, hair color, and styling in the end – so it’s like having your own personal stylist ★ I guess it’s price is cheap for such great service!! And he also told me that his salon is using organic treatment and coloring pastes only, so that it’s more good and better for your hair and skin. Well… I don’t know well about anything such but this I can say, it smelled really good. lololol There also is a nail booth, where lady was doing a nail care. (I didn’t do it this time… I actually never gone to nail salon in my life yet! Maybe I’m gonna try it sometimes later)

Find me here! It’s my first hair-model work done by Takeshi

On Sunday, I spent a day to help my parents, and worked on my music 🙂 日曜日は両親の仕事の手伝いをなんちゃらかんちゃらやって、今日は音楽してた★★★作業してて、途中で窓の外をみてびっくり!! 即、外に出て雪で遊んだよ。(笑)これはイチゴの守り人スノーマン。

Oh, I also played with snow!! It snowed unexpectedly a lot here in Tokyo today!!! ( I like snow better than the cold winter rain) 😛

snow guardian


しかし、これだけ雪が降ると明日の朝の出勤/通学の電車が恐ろしいね。。。頑張って早起きしてツルっと滑ってしまわないように、ゆっくり歩いて駅まで向かってくださいな。車の人は、マ・ジ・デ安全運転でお願いしますよ!!! 今週はそろそろ2月のライブ予定も発表できるかな〜??? と? 言うわけで… Riverb Nationに先程1曲追加しました!! 聴いてくださいませ!! Karma Wave ~♪

So here! Check our latest recording of ♪Karma Wave ♪ here on Riverb Nation!!


  • 01/15/2013, 3:23 AM  返信

    That’s a great look for you! I’m sure his salon will be a big hit–I wish him well. And I love the snowman! (I just gotta figure out how to swipe the strawberries. . .) Hope you have fun over your holidays!

    • 01/23/2013, 10:41 AM

      yea- It was nice relaxing petit holiday~ ;) Well.. I’m not sure if the way how I swipe those strawberries were right or not, but they’re surviving well!Maybe I got a good & strong turnip! ☆ For this winter, I’m trying to make some more baby rose pots!! Hope it works well!!!

  • kumi, the Tink
    01/16/2013, 1:57 PM  返信

    こっちのKarma Waveのほうが好きかもー♪

    • 01/23/2013, 10:37 AM

      それはありえるな…笑 香港用Demoを聞きすぎたんだよ。君は…www でも、前のよりも気に入ってもらえてよかった~!!! <3 もうちょっとしたら、君のiPodでも聞けるようになるぜょ、Tinkさん!! 😉

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