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Where my family lives is quiet residential area, except for the festival day and New Years Day. There is a shrine right next to my house and from the New Years Eve to New Years there will be a long line of people who came for the New Years worship. I wasn’t there for the countdown but when there together with my parents in the afternoon of Jan 1st.

その後、自宅で学生時代にいつも聴いていたFMラジオ(Zip FM 77.8)をつけて、作業をしていたらラジオ局の人が大須観音に大吉を引きに行く「今年の願掛け募集」って企画が。今までラジオ番組にリスナーとして参加したことはなかったけど、新年だし(?)なんとなくメッセージを送ってみたら読んでもらえた!! なんか嬉しいね! こういうの!!! ラジオ大好き!!!!!! ちなみに「スバセカでシンガーデビューしたSAWAです。…今年は名古屋でライブできますように」って書いたの。実現するかな〜?大須観音でおみくじをLIVEで引いたスタッフさんは見事大吉をGET!!! きっと叶うよね〜?
[Thanks a lot  to ZIP-FM BANG! BANG! ZIP and 落合健太郎 a.k.a. Mr.OchiKen]
After coming back, I was working on PC stuff while listening to the FM Radio (Zip FM 77.8) which was my most favorite station when I was a student. That program was asking to the listeners for what would they pray for the New Years wish. And one of the staff was at the Osu-Kannon (Kannon is something like a Shrine but not to warship the God. The place for Kannon-sama) and they were doing the LIVE OMIKUJI (consulting oracle in LIVE). I never was a person who writes message to Radio station but, somehow for this new year, I wanted to try something new! So I did!! “My name is SAWA, who made a singer debut with the soundtrack of TWEWY. I’d like to wish to come Nagoya for the Live show this year”. And guess what!! It was read by the personality of this program! Yeah!! I LOVE RADIO even more now!!! I hope my wish come true~♪ And by the end of its program, the staff got the “Excellent” on the written oracle! I guess my wish is coming true~♪♪♪



I was thinking that to eat SUKIYAKI together with family during the New Years holiday was a common thing, but I heard that it’s only common in Nagoya area. Is that true? And I also heard, that there are 2 different ways to cock SUKIYAKI in Kansai (West side of Japan) and Kanto (East side of Japan). However, where I am right now locates right in the middle of Kansai and Kanto, and my family cocks in the combined way of both Kansai/Kanto way.

番台にはまだ座っとらんけど、今から昨年の大掃除の続きをしてきま~す 😀

I guess many people started working today. My family business (sento bath) had started yesterday. I haven’t sit on BANDAI this year yet, but maybe tonight or tomorrow. Got to finish cleaning up!! Ciao!!

※メモ:神社、神宮と観音の違い – 神社、神宮は神様(神道)、観音は仏様(仏教)を御祭りする場所。 初詣はどこに行ってもいいし、2,3カ所まわってもよいそうです★


  • 01/04/2013, 8:24 PM  返信

    The food looks delicious! And so glad to hear that the sento is back up and running. Hope you and yours are well, and that y’all have a blessed and prosperous new year. (Can’t wait to read about your live Nagoya concert later this year. . .) Surely living so close to a shrine is good fortune in itself, and brings more. . .

    • 01/07/2013, 8:45 AM

      Yeah~! Sukiyaki is one of my favorite dish! Especially, you can’t eat it alone… but need number of people to eat together. It’s nice to have dinner together with many people on the table, ne? 😉 Well… I hope that I can write about our Nagoya live in my future blog!! wish us luck!! I’ll be wishing you and your family to have a wonderful year 2013!! -xxx

  • kumi, the Tink
    01/04/2013, 8:50 PM  返信

    I used to go to my grandparents’ place which is in Nagoya in every New Year season and Bon season. I remember we ate SUKIYAKI together but I don’t remember whether it was winter or summer… 夏はすきやき食わないか?(笑)

    • 01/07/2013, 8:47 AM

      hahaha… so you also have experience of SUKUIAKI dinner with all your family members in Nagoya, ne? I’d say, people eats sukiyaki even in the hot summer!? well… at least, I do! 😛

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