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I’ve been receiving a lot of request that asks where to find my past works as a lyricist and singer… so I cleaned up my YouTube channel last night. I’m sure many of you know my work for the game sound track of TWEWY but other than that, I’ve done couples for other project too.



Some are listed in “Works of SAWA” playlists or “Works of Nadia” wich is my other name for some works. (Since there were too many songs from the several “The World Ends with You” project, I decided to separate them in the different play list). Not only rock, but from comedy to Visual-Kei (It became a real great experience for me to do the chorus of this video)… I guess you might surprise to find me in unexpected type of music. Please! Enjoy!!

“Works of SAWA” っていうのと、”Works of Nadia” がざっくり聞ける感じかな。(スバセカ関係は作詞を含めると結構なボリュームになるので別のプレイリストに入れてみた。まぁ普段はROCKですが、お笑いからビジュアル系まで… もしかしたら「え?こんなのもやってたの??」みたいなのもあるかも。このコーラスの声をやらせてもらったのは、かなりレアな経験でした。(笑)

And lastly, thanks to this great YouTube site and all the music lovers for sharing their favorite songs on line! Don’t for get to buy it (but not to DL from the file sharing site ) in sake of your respect to the creators and the artists!!!

最後に、この超便利なYouTubeってサイトと、お気に入りの曲やビデオをシェアしてくれたユーザーのみなさんに感謝!! もし、気に入って「欲しい」って思った曲があっても ファイル・シェア・サイト で無料でDLしないで、制作者、アーティストへのレスペクトってことでちゃんと買って楽しんでやって下さいな☆


  • 12/24/2012, 11:31 AM  返信

    A senhorita trabalhou duro durante esses anos,não é? ^ ^ Tem mais trabalho em 2013 para você!!!

    • 01/03/2013, 2:46 PM

      Sim sim!! Da me mais trabalho!!!!!!! Esperando aqui 😉

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