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ゲーセンって、英語でArcadeっていうのね。Game Centerって書くところだった…(twitterでは入力間違いでHame Center…って書いちゃったけど…イミフ・イナフ! www  f(xへx;)Anyway… I spent my Sunday afternoon at the Arcade and played several games together with my game master friends!! I never played at arcade before… so it was very interesting to play the games that I sang for.

ゲーセンって、ほとんど行った事なかったからすんごいおもしろかった!! なんかダンスするゲームとか、カメラが人の動きを読み取ってそれが採点されて…?Tokyo Game Showのニュースでは見た事あったけど、やってみたら後頭部が痛くなるほどパニクった。笑。

photo-1 まずは腕慣らし…ってことで、腹ごしらえ(?)しながら友達が持ってたJubeetというゲームを借りてPLAY!!これは、「ギタドラ」の愛称でおなじみのTom H@ckさん作曲「Dragontail Butterfly」(from : GuitarFreaksXG3 & DrumManiaXG3 Original Soundtrack 1st season)。Nadiaの名前で作詞&歌わせてもらった作品☆これはまだパニクりながらも楽しめた♪(初級編…笑)So first we started at this game, Jubeet. This song was written by TomH@ck and released this year! I was a bit panicked even at the beginners level, but still I could have fun with it 😀

And the next game we played was, Music-GunGun! It was sort of shooting game, but I was pretty much panicked and I couldn’t sing along to one of my most familiar – favorite song! TWISTER!!! つぎにプレイしに行ったのは、ミュージックガンガン!! 結構ギャーギャー言いながら打ってました。歌う余裕?120%なし。^^;

And from this real arcade games, the games became super difficult to play!!! arg… beginner SAWA, started to scream and shout while she shoot the monsters! “no! no-nonono—!!” and then “‘m gonna die! I don wanna die!!” lol I guess ‘m awful with this kind of game 😛 but still it was fun!!
photoこっから難易度がいっきに上がって「楽しむ」を通り越して、必死!!!! もう意味不明なテンションで叩く、叫ぶ、叩く… ギタドラ3!! マジで難し過ぎました!!!! 「Dragontail Butterfly」を叩き終わって、燃え尽きた。(- -;) 。もう一曲歌わせていただいていた「X-Plan」は超初心者の私には難易度高過ぎてギブアップ。ってか、みなさん上手過ぎやしませんか?そんなに叩けるなら是非リアルドラムでもプレイしてみてくださいよ!! と、思わず言いたくなるほど上手な人ばかり。。。私は黙って見物しながら、パニクった脳みそを休めるので精一杯でした。(はぁ…情けない www)

My enjoyable time ended here. We moved on to GFDM and I tried with “Dragontail Butterfly” which also can hear my vocal…but I’ve done horrible with this game! I couldn’t even finish it!!! So, I decided to watch my friend plays “X-Plan” very well and rested my panicked mind. lol How well she played!! I bet she’s ready for the real drum kit!

It was a lot of fun and new discoveries at the arcade. The PURIKURA(sticker picture) in the 21C was so much better than the one I used to play when I was a teenager!!! Progress of the Technology! そして、しめは何年ぶりかのプリクラ。調子ノってコスプレしてみました。www。ねぇ、ブラック・サンタさんは悪い子を探してるんだって… まるで日本のナマハゲですな!! www
By the way did you know that Black Santa is looking for the bad kids? It’s like Japanese NAMAHAGE monster folk tail! Everone! Be a good boy and girl!!

☆Happy Christmas☆


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    Merry Christmas to you too!

    • 12/19/2012, 8:40 AM

      Merry Merry Christmas to you too!! Is it snowing a lot there this year too?

  • kumi, the Tink
    12/18/2012, 6:01 PM  返信

    please please not gonna come to my bedroom, Black Santa….

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