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thedeathmarch_1昨日は、11/26の「すばらしきこのせかい」5th Anniversary Liveで結成されたバンド、The Death March の打上げでした。3次会までいったのは久々だったょ☆(≧∀≦*)ノ 帰宅朝7時。


thedeathmarch_3Last night we had a after live together with the member of The Death March and staff members!! We went through 3 doors or IZAKAYA(Japnaese style bar-restaurants) and the crazy party continued until 6 AM!! lol


1st party – laughed like crazy
2nd party – enjoyed in good mood
3rd party – my nerve system started to collaps lol

帰りの電車で、ステファニーさんと話してたんだけど、本当にThe Death Marchのメンバーはキャラがそれぞれ濃ぃっ‼ どの方ともライブ本番まで、に会った回数3〜4回(ホーンセクションの人たちに限ってはライブの前日に始めて合わせた!)だから…昨日は、「え?そんな面白い人だったの⁈」って場面多々。いゃ、本当に…デスマーチはすばらし過ぎるメンバーです。裏で事前から動きまくって最高のステージを実現したスタッフさんたち、本当にお疲れ様でした‼

Stephanie and I were talking on the train back home that through the party and we figured out how interesting that each characters of Death March members are!! We only met 3 times before the actual live on 26th Nov, and since each rehearsal was very serious we really didn’t know each others. So last night’s party was full of new discoveries… as you can see some from these pictures. lol I really think this The Death March members are awesome!! and my best respect and thankfulness to the all staffs that worked really hard for the preparation of the 1st live event of The Death March.

The Death March _shibuya昨夜石元さんがつぶやいてた『東名阪ツアー』マジで実現する事を心の底から、魂の全細胞(魂に細胞はないのか?)から願ってマス!(≧з≦)!
BTW, last night Mr. Ishimoto tweeted that he decided to realize the “Tokyo-Naogya-Osaka” tour of the Death March next year!! I really hope it will happen!!! Let’s keep wishing for this great idea to come true!!!!! (And someday, world tour?!?!)


  • 12/09/2012, 9:06 AM  返信

    Sounds great!

  • kumi, the Tink
    12/09/2012, 1:04 PM  返信

    I can’t believe you enjoyed until morning without alcohol! lol

    • 12/11/2012, 12:36 PM

      You know my hidden super crazy power? lol I didn’t reveal much that night tho- lololol I’m afraid if they hate me by seeing me going nuts! lololol

  • 12/10/2012, 11:55 AM  返信

    A senhorita se lembra do que eu tinha escrito para você antes? Que coisas maravilhosas iriam acontecer em sua vida?
    Pois é, já estão acontecendo. São fruto do seu trabalho duro.
    Desde de anos muito tempo atrás, quando eu ouvi Log eu pude sentir que o seu talento é necessário.
    Ha ha ha! Eu pareço um vidente dizendo essas coisas!
    Mas eu realmente acertei em acreditar em você, Sawa chan.

    (T o T) { Voe cada vez mais alto amiga!!!! )

    PS: E assisti ao show do Death March!!! Foi demais! Você quase explodiu de felicidade!!!

    • 12/11/2012, 4:43 PM

      Sim sim!! O que vc dizze fiquei realidade!! Thank you very much for watching!! Since there weren’t enough time to talk from stage, I couldn’t speak em Portugués mas espero que vc entendeu o que eu quero expresar no stage. 😉 YEs! Explodir todas as energias negatívas e sai pra casa só com energías boas.

      • 01/04/2013, 2:56 AM

        Claro! Mesmo eu só conseguindo LER MAL em japonês, eu entendi perfeitamente o que você disse no palco.

        A senhorita ama essas canções.

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