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びっくりしないでよ!! 笑
Don’t surprise!! ‘cuz it’s “No Surprise” Excersize!! lololol

ご存知!CowCowさんの「あたりまえ体操」のDVDが12/5に発売されました!! 私、大変光栄なことにこの英語Ver.の『No Surprise Excersize』を先日歌わせていただきました! このおもろい歌詞、どんな風に英語になるんだろう…?と、歌詞を頂くまで一人で勝手に悩んでいました(笑)が、最高に面白い英語詞になっています!! エアロビver. ということで… 元気におもろい歌詞を真顔で歌わせていただきました!!! なかなかこんな経験させていただけることはありません。手に汗握る貴重な体験をありがとうございました!!! 下のYouTubeからショートVer.が見れるので、「フルバージョンが見たいぜ!」、「沖縄弁バージョンや電車バージョンの他のも見たいぜ!!」、「カラオケ欲しいぜ!」って人は是非買ってみてください。歌って踊って、はっちゃけちゃえば悩みなんて吹っ飛ぶぜ!!

I think many of you who’s living in Japan knows this Comedian group named, “CowCow”. They made a great hit with the funny-comical dance song named, “ATARIMAE TAISOU” this year. And their new DVD was released on December 5th. As you can hear from the video below, I got a chance to sing it’s Aerobics ver. song! Until I receive it’s lyrics I was wondering, “How can they make this funny Japanese lyrics into English…” but, I guess this translator got a great sense of humor and language skill (Of course! He is a super professional!!!). I think there won’t be another chance like this to sing funny lyrics in serious face with happy emotional waves trying to drag me down into the hell of laughter. lol You can check it’s short ver. on YouTube but if you wish for the full ver., or wanna see the different versions such as Okinawa-dialect ver. Train ver. Karaoke ver… etc, go see Amazon from the above picture link!!! It’s NO SURPRISE that you enjoy this laughfull video!!

ライブ詳細はこちらから→ http://sawasphool.com/live
And so, I’m off for the rehearsal of tonights show in Shinjuku Kabuki-cho. My band will be on stage from 8PM so if you’re looking for some place to let yourself go wild and crazy, feel free to join us!! The detailed live info are written at above link! 😉

●”Cow Cow” Official Link :http://www.randc.jp/cowcow/discography.html


  • kumi, the Tink
    12/09/2012, 1:08 PM  返信

    I am dying to watch full version!!!!!!!!!


    • 12/11/2012, 12:22 PM

      (しかしブースの中にいる時は、不思議な精神状態だったよ~ www)

  • 12/10/2012, 8:14 AM  返信

    Well, now, isn’t that something?! Have fun at the show!

    • 12/11/2012, 12:26 PM

      Yes, indeed. (^O^)  It WAS something!!!

      My life is sustained by each shows… smiles, shouts and the atmosphere we shared through music. Those occasions are never the same. And the only and most precious time in my life.

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