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It’s been one of the great wonder since I was a kid and first hear this this song. This song was released 1995 – the singer is one of the popular commedian named, “Down Town”. The song was composed by Tetsuya Komuro(on Gt) who made a huge J-music movement in 90’s. It was quite surprising to find Ryuichi Sakamoto playing his keyboard on the same stage in this video! What a gorgeous performers!!!

初めてこの曲を聞いた時から…ものすごく気になってた言葉の意味が最近やっとわかった!!! 日本人のみんなは知ってるよね。この曲。「WOW WAR TONIGHT」。タイトルが意外と意味深だったのにいまさらながら驚いた。子どもだったから「ウォーウォートゥナイト」くらいで覚えてたわ。(私の家ではあんまりTV見させてもらえなかったし、だいたいラジオから音楽情報は得ていたので…サウンドのみ!笑) このビデオでステージに坂本龍一さんと小室哲也さんが並んでるのにちょっと驚いた。そぅいぅ時代だったんだな~ (・ε・)

Anyway…my great wonder was the part that says, “Booyaka Booyaka” which was sang in this video. I was only a kid but I had interest toward language and lyrics … although since there wasn’t a thing such as PC around my life back then and couldn’t research like how we do today.

それで気になっていた言葉っていうのが、曲のつなぎのところでラッパーみたいな人の声が「ぼやかぼやかーワッウィーノー」(みたいに聞こえる。笑)この「ぼやかぼやか」。英語の部分は当時からわかったけど、この「ぼやか」ってなんだ?! ってずっとひっかかってたのよね。

Jump to … 2:35 or 7:41

Last moth, one of my blog reader Oyto posted a coment that says “Boyaka!!!”. So, I was like “Hey! That’s one of the word that I’ve been wondering about!!!” and so he told me. I’m sure many of my Japanese friends knows and heard or even sang this song … but guess not many knows about “Booyaka”.
●Booyaka = Much used by people who likes Reggae. Booyaka is used to describe a moment of joy, or a! Blast!, Boom!!

英語は5歳くらいにはもうしゃべってたから、英語と日本語のチガイとか、歌の訳とかに物凄い興味があって知らない言葉はだいたい調べてた。でも、「ぼやか」は何語なのかもわからずに…諦めてたのをつい先月のブログコメントを読むまではすっかり忘れていた!! 「Boyaka!!」ってひとこと書いてくれたOyto君どうもありがとう。で、さっそく聞いてみたら…こんな風に説明してくれた。

さぁ、これでもう皆「Boyaka Boyaka~ 」って、意味わかって歌える!! え、知らんかったのは私だけ?! Σ(・ω・;|||
Now, I guess all of you knows what this means. 🙂 (or maybe you already knew?)

○YouTube link with Lyrics -Wow War Tonight-
○YouTube link -P.O.D Booyaka 619 –

この言葉を教えてくれたOyto君が「P.O.D Booyaka 619」という曲のリンクを教えてくれたのだけど、これってプロレスのレイ・ミステリオの曲じゃんね!!? WWEにはまりまくってた私としてはなんか無意味に感激した!!! (笑))ちなみに、ミステリオは大好きだったレスラー、エディー・ゲレロとタッグをよく組んでたんだ。埼玉スーパーアリーナに見に行けて本当によかった(;_;)翌年に亡くなってしまって、それが最後の来日になったの。。。以来悲しくてあまり見なくなりました。 でもミステリオの619はいつ見てもやっぱ最高ダゼっ!!!
By the way… Oyto, who told me the defnition of “Boyaka” sent me a link of a song titled, “Booyaka 619” and soon I realized it was a song of Rey Mysterio!!! How on the earth he knew that I was a big fan of WWE until my most favorite wrestler, Eddie Guerrero passed away in the hotel room (2005)?! And Mysterio was his best tag parterner until then. I was very lucky to see Eddie for the first and the last time at Saitama Super dome when they came for the title match in Tokyo a year before. I stop watching after his incident…. but I watch a great acrobatic performance of Mysterio sometims, still today 😉 VIVA LA RAZA~!!!!!!!


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    • 12/06/2012, 7:53 PM

      どやさ、どやさ…(。-∀-。) 確かにそう、聞こえなくもなくもなぃ…笑 でも、PVで黒人さんが言ってたよ。いゃ、むしろドヤサの方が面白いかも。www

  • 12/07/2012, 7:29 AM  返信

    Hi Sawa! Então… eu não sabia que você também gostava de WWE!!! Eu fiquei “de cara” depois de ler este post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    E eu não acredito!!! Rey Mistério TAMBÉM é seu lutado predileto!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (0 0) {…) { 信じられない!)

    Siceramente eu nunca imaginei que você assitia as lutas de WWE!!!
    Tipo, isso é demais!
    Eu realmente não entendo como acontece mas, estamos em sintonia!
    Quem consegue explicar essas coisas da vida?!

    —————-Tradução Literal——————————–

    Hi Sawa! So … I did not know you also like WWE!! I was very unsuspecting after reading this post!!!!!!!!!!
    And I do not believe it! Rey Mystery is also your favorite fighter!!!!!!

    (0 0) {…) { 信じられない!)

    I sincerely never thought you watched WWE fights!!
    Like, this is too much!
    I really do not understand how it happens, but we are in %tune%!
    Who can explain these things in life?!

    • 12/11/2012, 4:56 PM

      lololol Sim, sim. Rey Mysterio é meu predileto!!
      Eu nunca assiste está tipo de programas até que va ao Toquio. Mas assistiu boxing com meu pai quiando eu era criança, e por isso…. hahaha.
      Hey Oyto!! Não busca a pessoa que pode explicar MISTÉRIO! Há muitas vezes que e melhor de deixar mistério como mistério. (I’m not sure you can understand what I’m saying here… sorry for my bad portuguese -there are many times that it’s better leave “Mystery” as a mystery… and never to reveal- is what I wanted to mean here) ;P

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    • 12/08/2012, 7:35 PM

      「言葉」と「響き」って、面白いよねー♪ 文化によって違うはずなのに…似たような響きがあったりもするしー♪♪♪

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