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いょいょーーーっ! Finally—-!!!
The Death March will come up stage at O-WEST Shibuya tonight!!!
Thank you very much for your wonderful supports since the first game release back in 2007. I’m very pleased to be on stage as one of the vocalists on such special occasion, and also as one of the big fan of TWEWY game.
As one of the fan of TWEWY, it’s just so wonderful to get all of us together like this in RG! Don’t you think so??
During the final rehearsal yesterday, I was very lucky to be able to take a photo together with another singer – Stephanie!!! She is a fabulous singer!!!!!!

As I said in my last blog, the show will be aired by NicoNico Douga tonight.
I heard it was very difficult to get the ticket for this show… though- I hope you enjoy our stage through the monitor as well.

By the way, I decided to reveal one secret I left about 5 years ago.
(Maybe it’s hard to understand for non-Japanese users though—)

Please enjoy our show tonight! In any way you like!!!
It’s all up to you!

ついに今夜 The Death March が渋谷 O-West に出現します!!! ゲームが2007年にリリースされてから、5年間… 今夜の5周年イベントで歌わせてもらえる事、イチ ゲーム・ファンとして 今夜皆と一緒に時を過ごせる事、本当にほんとに心から嬉しく思ってる!!! 昨日は最後のリハだったんだけど、もう一人のボーカリスト ステファニーさんが一緒に写真を取ってくれたよ〜♪ 5オクターブでるって?すんごいシンガーさんです。ご一緒させていただけて大変光栄でありますっ!! ヽ(*>∀<*)ノ

今夜のチケットは入手が本当に困難だったみたいで… (ファン心的には1回で終わって欲しくないけどな… The Death March)
1つ前のブログでも書いたけど、ニコ生放送でライブ中継もあるみたいだし、モニタの向こう側のみんなとも一緒にこの「時」を過ごせる事がとにかく嬉しい。どんな文字が飛んでるのか… www 生中継私も一緒に見たいくらいだよっ! 噛んだらつっこんで笑ってやってね!! 笑

たぶんまだ誰も気づいていないんじゃないかな? 気づいてた人いたら、「オヌシやるのぅ!」だょ。wwwff


### The Power is Yet Unknown! ###


  • 11/26/2012, 12:13 PM  返信

    Secret lyrics, eh? Exciting! Have fun at the show!

    • 12/06/2012, 1:22 PM

      It’s not really a “secret lyrics” but I made a first lyrics with a hidden key word for the first time in my life!! I hoped someone might find it but after 5 years it seems like no one could discover about it so…. I thought it’ll be the right timing to reveal 😉

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