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I’d like to thank you all for supporting us on this Web voting contest which it’s first Round had closed last night. It was about a month long marathon days that we’ve been through together, and there were several times that we were ranked down to the 2nd. BUT every time I announced, “WE NEED HELP!!!” (quite loudly lol) on Twitter or Facebook, there always was someone who responded me, and made actions together with me! Even though it was midnight in JPN time, on the other side of this earth was still during the daytime!! 😉 Thank god for whomever invented this internet/PC high-tech machines and spread it’s web all over us!!! I felt so much close to each of my friends and fans in this 1 month. Not only by it’s technology, but because of it’s users – My friends and fans. Thanks for being on the other side of this monitor!!!

The official announcement will be up on 20th Nov!

And our actual “EMERGENZA live” stage will be held in Shinjuku on December 9th (Sun).
The adv ticket is so much cheaper(2,000+1drink), but band have to submit it’s sold money to Emergenza before standing on the stage. So, please make sure that you can come to the venue on the right date and time before reserving your ticket – unless we’ll be busted up 😥

And hey! Don’t forget!! If you’re participant of this Emergenza contest, you can go see any venue you wish only by paying 1 drink!!! Let me know if any of this reader are participant and doing shows somewhere around Tokyo. As long as I can adjust my schedule, I’ll be there for ya! (Maybe I can make some more time for my own in December. Crazy November!!! arggg— I won’t be concurred by you!!! lololol)



  • 11/18/2012, 2:41 AM  返信

    Good luck! Wish I could attend, but I’ll be cheering for y’all anyway.

  • kumi, the Tink
    11/18/2012, 9:30 PM  返信

    I am still excited you have collected 533 votes!!!!!
    I can’t wait to see official result announcement!!!!

  • 11/21/2012, 1:00 AM  返信

    533, seu novo número da sorte!

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