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Have you gone to trick-or-treat this year? Or were you tricked or treated someone?? lol It’s been a while since I’ve walked around the neighbor with the biggest pillowcase in my house. I saw several kids in a costume while I walked back to the station after work! (They were so cute!! but I wasn’t bold enough to ask them to let me take their pictures. 😛 )

I wasn’t feeling well tonight again, so decided to fight against cold. Stay warm and silent at home. Last night, I was calling out (pretty loud lol) on internet for the support and help on the Emergenza’s voting contest (it will continue until Nov 15th though-), because my band was ranked down and I really, I mean really really really wanted to win this web voting contest. The winner will be awarded with several prizes and what my band needs the most is 1 year free usage of the aggregator that let us sell songs on iTunes Store. Well thanks to you all, we’re 243 points now.. 28 ahead from the next!! Getting closer to the prize but 2 more weeks to go!! I don’t know much about this internet world yet, but somehow I still had cold inorganic image in this zero-one computer world. But this image melted and disappears last night. If the user on the other side also have a heart to hear and human temperature, something very essential in human can be transfered from screen to screen. Not only visual image such as pictures and words, but also something very warm and pure. The more I typed, and the more I posted, someone who read my words kindly reacted. By the words and actions… I was very touched and pleased. I do some writings, such as lyrics, but language communication was always my hardest thing to go over. I used to feel very frustrated when my both English and Japanese skills were unstable between my age of 2 to 10. I never could and I still feel I’m not using this “language” tool well enough to express what I really felt and want to share with others. But maybe, to be honest to yourself is the most important key in the communication. Of course, to enrich your vocabularies from books and texts are a great way to keep expanding your vocab list, but unless you can use those newly learned phrases in actual communication, you never know when to use them to reach others, and how the others reacts. Maybe that’s what my Grand-pa wanted to teach me when I talked for over minutes with him for the first time and the last time in my life. He told me to leave from my desk, and play outside and learn a lot from outside of the study.  Thanks to you all, I’m learning A LOT from you guys.

ここまで書いといてなんだけど、要約すると昨日の夜「わーっ」ってネットで投票をお願いする呼びかけをしたら、みんなが凄い反応してくれて、応援してくれて、それがめちゃくちゃ嬉しくて、ネットで感動したのは初めてだったんじゃないか?と思ったことを書いたの。もともと超アナログ人間だったから、PCのzeroと1で作られた無機質そうな世界観はなんとなく冷たいイメージだった。でも改めて、使う人がちゃんと気持ちを込めて使ったら、いつもの画面に表示される画像や文字も、温度が感じられて、見えない何かが伝わって…なんかそういうもんなんだなって思ったって事。英語と日本語どっちもまともに使えなかった(え?今もあんまり上手じゃないって?? 自覚はあるよ〜。笑)幼少期のトラウマ?で言葉のコミュニケーションって未だにまだちょっと構えちゃうところがあるけど、おじーちゃんが最初で最後に初めて5分以上話してくれた時の内容が最近やっと理解出来てきた。「机で勉強ばっかりしないで、外でちゃんと遊んで学びなさい」って。「でないとろくな人間になれない」。本当にそのとうりだ。私はみんなからめちゃくちゃいい「学び」をさせてもらってる。日々感謝。深く考え抜いた言葉もすばらしいものはいっぱいあるけど、日常で何気なく使ってる「素」の言葉と感性をこれからも磨いて行けるような人でありたいと思った。そういうところで見えるじゃない?その「人」って。なんか真面目腐った文章になっちゃったな。笑。ま、これが今日の素の私。志は高くとも、地に足をつけて一歩ずつ…ってことで。笑

Happy Halloween to everyone!!


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  • 11/01/2012, 1:28 AM  返信

    Ha-ha, I’m a Witch! Oh, wait, that’s an everyday thing for me. . .Happy Halloween and a blessed Samhain! –Dave

    • 11/15/2012, 12:38 PM

      Didn’t know that you were a witch!!! I always wanted to learn some new spell!!
      can you share your special magic skill sometimes later? pleeeeeze! 💡 💡 💡

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    • 11/15/2012, 12:39 PM

      Saku君はかわいぃウサさんなので、どうか優しく、そして寂しがらないようにしてあげてください。しなれたらリズムがなくなるので… (*ΦωΦ)(ΦwΦ;)Ψ( /wΦ)(*・∀・)ノΞ☆

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