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Yes, I am still alive!! I wasn’t injured by this big typhoon that ran across the Kanto area.

Sorry I wasn’t online during this weekend much… One of my friend gave me a call tonight because I wasn’t responding to his message. Well… actually I wasn’t receiving them (I don’t know why… maybe because of the system error of the phone? wire??? no idea…) What ever, I’m doing good thanks! Had some time to rest, and work on music projects and sawasphool’s song writings.

I’m not like how I was in past few years!! I’m so much healthier (physically as well as mentally) and had learned to “rest” sometimes. 🙂 … I do appreciate to have people who cares about myself though 😉 I really do!! Esp, when I’m in down mood. But it’s just emotional ups and downs and… I know I’ve got you guys to back me up, I don’t have to pretend like I’m a strong one. The more I live I discover myself, to be myself is all what I can do. Simple enough, eh? (I used to hated this but) I like to be myself now and it’s what you guys had taught me. Maybe I was sick. Maybe I was having a bit thick and long period of adolescence than average? well… I hate this word “average” how can people sum up all those emotions of people and divide by the number of human’s head? It’s none sense for me to care about my position in such ambiguous statics. If it gives you comfort, maybe it works for you and I don’t deny that. But for me, it’s just 2nd or 3rd opinion because I don’t want to close my door to the possibilities.

Sorry I wrote too much about the boring stuff tonight.
I just want you to remember that I’ll be always here for you (for Jesters, my friends and fans and reader of my blog and tweets), just like you guys were for me. There are still many things that I haven’t experienced in this life and I might not able to understand how you feel in full, but at least I’ll be on your side.

Lastly, I wanna share this video that one of our Jesters from Osaka had made for us!
It’s a new ver. of the Tokyo FM Hall live back in June 9th. Enjoy!!!


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    • 10/07/2012, 1:14 AM

      fufufu… ですね〜♪ LIVEで!生で!! 見て頂きましたね〜♪♪♪ 早くまたライブしたいぞっ!

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    • 10/07/2012, 1:29 AM

      そう言ってもらえると、益々元気になれるよ! ありがとう!! 読み返すとすっごい適当な英語だったな。笑… こりゃ理解するの大変だったんじゃない?^^; でも確かに、「休む事」を覚えてからは健康になった。今の課題は「甘える事」。べったり頼るのとは違って、なんだろう人って1人じゃ生きて行けないじゃん?そもそも、(ある意味)自分の力だけで生きてるわけじゃないし。お米を作ってる人がいて、魚を釣る人もいて、果物を育てる人がいて、そういうのを運ぶ人がいて、売る人がいて、お家を作る人がいて、そん中に音楽やライブをする人もいて。自分に何が出来てるのかわかんないけど、いい影響があるって教えてもらえるのは凄く嬉しい。頑張ってるけど結果が出ないと世の中ではなかなか認めてもらえないけど、結果って呼ばれるものが出るまでにはすごく地味で長い道のりを越えなきゃならない。その道のりにいる時の方が多いんだよね。目標地点にたどり着くまでって。だから、その道のりが少しでも楽しめるものになるような応援歌を歌いたい。日常のBGMとでも言うのかな…。イライラするとき、悲しいとき、嬉しいとき、隣にいられたらって思う。だから、夜通しGram?! すっごい嬉しいよ!! 今度LIVEでも一緒に歌おうね!!! なんて言ってるのかわかんないところあったら教えて!!! I’ll can sing along with you!!!! 😉 ダイエット頑張れ!!

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    So glad to know you’re ok! Please let me know if you need anything, especially in light of the typhoon. –Dave
    PS–Love the video! (You almost seem to be channeling Ozzy!)

    • 10/07/2012, 1:29 AM

      Channeling Ozzy?! HAHAHA. I like that expression!!
      Thanks Dave! I’m doing good enough with all what I’ve got today. 🙂

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