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Today I was doing a model work for the web shop, MILPANO’s autumn season’s collection. It was my second time to work for this brand, and because I already knew most of the crew of todays photo shoot, I didn’t get nervous like I was last time. 🙂 It was a great fun!!!!!  The girl next to me in this photo is another model, Erica-chan and she’d done most of the cute styles, and I was there for the cool ones this time 😀 It’s always very exciting to do the creative project together with others, but that’s where and how the chemistry happens. Some genius can complete everything all by themselves, but I like to see and be at the spot where unexpected and memorable things emerge. Thanks to everyone, it was great session today!

I used to think I must work hard on just one particular thing and become the pro of its profession. But these days, I have a bit different attitude. IF I could have a chance to try, I want to give myself that chance and challenge whatever my heart desire. I might like it and wish to have more chance to do. I might not like it and wish never to try again. Who knows!?
Some people says that you should care about this- that – and your age and it’s important to always care about “average” and “common” borderlines (maybe especially in Japan ?). Although, it’s just another attitude that you might better to keep in your mind when you have to choose something in you life, Right?

Your instinction knows what is the right thing to do and not. Sometimes it’s very difficult to keep balance of your own happiness and the others. You can’t be too selfish, but at the same time, you can’t sacrifice your whole life only for the other peoples smile. I am smiling like this everyday because people around me showing me a real bright smiles. 🙂 Thank you everyone!!! 今日のブログは英語だけでごめんね。翻訳機さん、後は頼んだ!!!  よろしく!!! m(_ _ )m


  • 09/23/2012, 5:12 AM  返信

    What beautiful and insightful sentiments! Being true to yourself can sometimes mean being true to others, and should. But you must always first BE YOUR OWN TRUTH. (Otherwise, you have not lived, but lied. . .)

    • 09/24/2012, 8:05 AM

      thanks Dave! and…. I totally agree on your idea [Being true to your self ⇄ Being true to others] ☆☆☆ And the real beauty is not something on the surface 😉 and before you see rusts and crusts in your heart, better let the good air flow in and let it shine with its original true color!!!! ♪

  • kumi, the Tink
    09/23/2012, 8:36 AM  返信

    未だに、ネット上にさわちゃんの広告がたびたび現れるww あれ夏物じゃね?残暑だからOKってこと?

    • 09/24/2012, 8:06 AM

      ログ(って言うの?)なんか残ってんだろうねぇ…。前回は夏物だった。 いゃいゃお恥ずかしい限りです…www

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    Você sempre me surpreende…

  • 09/23/2012, 11:45 AM  返信

    Fico muito feliz por saber o porque seu sorriso é tão verdadeiro.

    • 09/24/2012, 8:12 AM

      Sua comentário fazem sorriso no meu rosto-!!! 😀 É sim, meu sorriso é verdadeiro. 😉 Não posso faz como a mentira.

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